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Carnival to be held at Cannery Park in April

Despite a $4 million budget cut, Emerson Junior High School will be taking a joyride on the Ferris wheel.

The Davis Planning Commission recently approved a temporary carnival that will take place Apr. 10. This four-day carnival, run by Butler Amusements, will operate at Cannery Park on East Covell Boulevard and J Street as a fundraiser for the Emerson Junior High Parent Teacher Association.

It will be a community benefit and a community activity, said Greg Clumpner, chairperson of Davis Planning Commission. We didn’t feel there are any significant impacts for preventing [the fundraiser] from happening.

The Emerson Carnival will feature around 18 rides, said PTA co-president Frances McChesney.

There are fair-quality rides, like the Zipper, the Century Wheel, the Cliff Hanger and the Loli Swings, McChesney said. There’s going to be rides for different age groups.

Other attractions include carnival games and prizes, food concession stands, music and a performance stage to showcase miscellaneous acts and talents by students, teachers and parents.

The PTA is also organizing a stage and we’re going to have the jazz band, martial arts demonstrations, a rock band and a few other musical performances, McChesney said.

The PTA first came up with the idea of creating a carnival after a simple click online about a month ago.

I was searching online for fundraising ideas and came across the Butler Company, McChesney said.

In the past, Emerson Junior High has had fundraisers, such as an auction two years ago in which the school raised around $20,000 to $30,000. The PTA hopes to be just as successful.

The PTA raises money every year and gives grants back to the school, said PTA treasurer Ellen Morrati. It could be used for the music program, to purchase books and other equipments for classrooms. Until we know how much money we raise it’s hard to tell what the money will be used for.

Admission is free, but advance tickets for an all-day unlimited ride pass are now on sale for $20. Individual tickets for single rides will also be for sale at the gate.

Everybody is welcome to come and participate and get into the carnival for free. This gives the community the opportunity to do activities and things together, Morrati said.

Tickets for the Emerson Carnival can be purchased at Carousel Stationery at 706 Second St.

For more information, e-mail emersoncarnival@gmail.com. The operating hours are Thursday and Friday 4 to 10 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday noon to 10 p.m.

There hasn’t been a carnival since 1971, McChesney said. This will be a really fun event.

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