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Campus Judicial Report



A freshman student had a second referral to SJA, this time for plagiarism. The student copied sections directly from multiple Internet sites, altered them slightly to fit a writing assignment and did not cite the sources used. The student admitted dishonesty and accepted the disciplinary sanctions of deferred separation until graduation, community service, LSC tutoring, a writing assignment on plagiarism and a plagiarism workshop.



Alteration for higher grade


A physics professor referred a senior student to SJA for altering multiple quizzes and submitting them for re-grading in order to receive a higher score. The professor had made copies of the original quizzes, which he compared to the altered quizzes that the student submitted. The student admitted to the misconduct and agreed to a deferred separation and 20 hours of community service.



Stealing work

A student was referred to SJA for stealing other studentswork for lab assignments and then submitting them as his own. The student explained that he was confused by the lab computers, which contained other studentswork, and that he unknowingly altered and used otherswork. The professor said that while some of the copying could have been accidental, there were also portions that were clearly intentional. The student acknowledged that he is responsible for any work he turns in and admitted that he was in violation of the Code of Academic Conduct. He accepted deferred separation, a writing assignment, LSC tutoring, counseling and DRC advising.



The Campus Judicial Report is compiled by student members of the Campus Judicial Board. Additional information about SJA and the Campus Judicial Board may be found at sja.ucdavis.edu.



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