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Letters to the editor

America’s Greenest Campus competition

Dear editor,

Climate Culture is hosting a national competition, America’s Greenest Campus, to see which college can get the most students, staff, faculty and alumni to sign up at americasgreenestcampus.com and complete a carbon footprint by Oct. 5. This website is a great way to see that when each person makes a small change, together it amounts to something substantial.

If you have ever wanted to know approximately how much carbon each action you take releases into the environment, find out by filling out a carbon footprint at americasgreenestcampus.com using your UC Davis e-mail.

UC Davis is on the rise, moving from 35th place one month ago to third place today. Sign up today to help us on our way toward leading the nation in this competition, and help raise UC Davisnational profile as a leader in environmental awareness and sustainability.

There is up to $10,000 in prize money for winning schools, which would directly fund student projects that promote sustainability. If you enjoy making movies, there is an opportunity for you to win $10,000 through the SmartPower Energy Smart Ad Challenge.

If you have any questions or ideas about the competition, or want to help out, e-mail me at wpklein@ucdavis.edu.


Will Klein

Campus Center for the Environment


Legislature reigning in UC

Campus community,

If you wish to learn how wasteful, degenerate and destructive the university has become, lacking any regard for academic freedom or basic civil rights of students and faculty, attend the hearings in the case of Zochlinski v. Regents on June 8 at 9 a.m. at Department 15 of the Yolo County Superior Court (1100 Main St., Suite 300) in Woodland, Calif.

This hearing regards my reinstatement to the university, a matter originating in 1993. To counter my efforts, the university has wasted over $1.5 million tax dollars just to prevent me from doing cancer research.

In 2005, after 13 years of effort, I had a due process hearing before the Academic Senate. I received 92 percent of the vote. Yet Dean Gibeling, Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef and Provost Barbara Horwitz, refuse to abide by that vote; they would rather lie and commit fraud than admit the university was wrong. I was alone in my struggle until 2005.

On Monday, I will argue alongside Professor Jerold Theis of the Medical School and a student senator of ASUCD, both of whom support faculty and student rights. Please come, add your support or learn how your fee money is wasted to protect bureaucratic egos.



Howard Zochlinski


Summer abroad in Israel program

Dear editor,

As you may be aware, UC Davis is instituting a summer abroad program in Israel this academic school year. The program was instituted in the wake of the internationally condemned Israeli massacres in Gaza.

The inception of the program not only nullifies the U.S. Department of the State Travel Advisory against Israel, but the way in which the program is structured is also limiting the freedom of education of the students enrolled in the program. Contrary to what is advertised, the program is also unrepresentative of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Please read our open letter to the UCD administration that the EAP Equality Coalition has drafted against the inception of this program. The letter can be found here: thepetitionsite.com/1/uc-davis-summer-abroad-in-israel.

The EAP Equality Coalition is a California wide organization of UC undergraduates, graduates and faculty members that organized in response to the inception of this program to demand the affirmation of justice and equality in education, and to combat the discrimination and biases inherent in the current UCD Summer Abroad program with Israel.


In solidarity,

Abla Harara



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