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Eating out for cheap

Editor’s note: California Aggie reporter Dina Morcos ventured around Davis looking for the best meal deals for students with a tight budget.

Students’ budgets never quite make the cut with all of the expenditures related to a college lifestyle. But basic survival needs, like eating, shouldn’t be on the list of things students can’t do.

Here’s a guide to deliciously affordable food in Davis, based on various cravings.

Hunan (207 D St.)

If you’re in the mood for Chinese, Hunan is definitely the place to go during the lunch hour. You can get an entrée with fried or steamed rice, soup or salad, and chow mein, all for $5.

“I think it’s quality Chinese food for a good college student price,” said Marian Shahid, senior neurobiology physiology and behavior major.

Fuji Chef (213 G St.)

Fuji’s offers a lunchtime sushi buffet for $12.99, including sashimi (the raw fish such as tuna or salmon, unwrapped).

“You guys are so lucky to have this; down south the buffet is based on how much you leave behind and you have to pay so much more for sashimi,” said Maggie Assad, a student at Loyola Marymount University.

Redrum Burger (978 Olive Dr.)

Previously known as Murder Burger (spell it out backwards), Redrum has one of the largest entrées some have ever seen.

“You get a one-pounder for 13 bucks,” said Joe Barsoum, a senior history major. “And it comes with a butt-load of fries and a huge drink.”

Burgers and Brew (403 Third St.)

What many students may find appealing is that Burgers and Brew serve beer and have benches near Central Park, allowing one to drink by the park without getting pestered by Davis police.

“It’s a huge $5 burger and I feel like I’m eating actual meat, not fat,” Barsoum said.

Plus, they are open till 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Raja’s Indian Cuisine (207 Third St. #230)

People either love or dislike Indian food. However, if you enjoy it, Raja’s is the place to be in Davis. For lunch, there is an all-you-can-eat buffet for about $8, and $10 entrées for dinner. It is located on the second story, above the Education Abroad Center with a nice patio to dine on with an old friend.

Taqueria Guadalajara (640 W. Covell Blvd.; 417 Mace Blvd.)

Located in north and south Davis, Guadalajara or “Guad’s” has yet another great deal for the starving college student. A regular burrito is a little less than five dollars: super size it for a dollar more and it’s still cheaper than the average Chipotle burrito.

And if you’re still really hungry, or in the mood to share, there is the “Super Giant Burrito,” the size of three regular burritos, for only $10.

The Old Teahouse (825 Russell Blvd. #22)

Although Old Teahouse serves food and drinks from noon through midnight, it is mainly known for their assortment of teas. Conveniently, they are open till 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday and a popular spot for first-years. Milk, black, or green teas of all flavors are only $2.99 plus tax for a regular size drink. Add tapioca (otherwise known as “boba balls”) or jelly for free.

They also have stamped discount cards so after you’re sufficiently caffeinated with the 10th cup of tea, the 11th is free.

The Graduate (805 Russell Blvd.)

The Grad is one of the oldest establishments in Davis, a restaurant and sports bar by day and dance club by night. During the day, they serve pizza, burgers, salads and sandwiches at reasonable prices, and at night cover charges are $5 and up, sometimes discounted with a student ID.

The Grad also has special events at night, such as karaoke nights on Sunday with $1 pints, and different types of dance lessons like salsa and country line.

DINA MORCOS can be reached at features@theaggie.org.


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