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Saturday, September 25, 2021

CD Review: Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas

Phrazes for the Young


Rating: 3

After The Strokes went on an unofficial hiatus after the release of First Impressions of Earth, fans shook with anticipation for singer-songwriter Julian Casablancas’ own solo work to hit the shelves. So when Phrazes for the Young was officially released, Casablancas couldn’t have taken a smaller side step from The Strokes.

With only eight tracks, Phrazes for the Young offers a melodic cacophony that only Casablancas could make appealing. Rich in harmony and strong lyrics, the songs explore themes of lost lovers, childhood memories and heavy regret.

However, this record could have done a lot more – it felt safe, as if Casablancas wanted to break out of The Strokes’ chains and only managed to loosen the bolts. Even so, it does make clear that Casablancas has the ability to stand on his own, and listeners might be pleasantly surprised in future releases.

Give these tracks a listen: “Ludlow St.,” “Glass”

For Fans Of: Kings of Leon, Rogue Wave

– Anastasia Zhuravleva


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