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Campus Judicial Report for Wednesday, May 12

Altering exam

A senior was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for resubmitting an altered exam. The teaching assistant noticed that the student’s re-submitted quiz had two problems that had either additional work or completely different work than what was previously submitted. During the meeting with a judicial officer, the student quickly admitted to resubmitting the altered exam for a few extra points because he wasn’t doing so well in the class. The student stated that he felt pressured because he was in danger of failing the course and wanted to graduate on time. Since this was his first referral, he agreed to a sanction of 15 hours community service and disciplinary probation until graduation.


A professor reported a junior to SJA for plagiarism on a sociology paper. The professor submitted the suspected plagiarized paper with highlighted portions showing where the student had used another person’s words without citations. When contacted by a judicial officer to set up an informal meeting, the student did not respond. Due to the lack of response from the student, a hold was put on her registration. If the student wishes to resume her studies at UC Davis, she will have to meet with a judicial officer and handle her referral.


A junior was reported to SJA and to the police department for bookstore theft. The student was caught stealing books and was later linked to three other bookstore thefts. The total amount of books stolen in all four thefts totaled over $3,000. The student was taken into custody by the police for burglary and grand theft and was later bailed out. The student stated that she was short on money for food, rent and other expenses, and was planning on selling the stolen books. On top of criminal charges, the student had to return the books, pay the $200 restitution fee charged to any student caught stealing, and also agreed to a sanction of 15 hours of community service and deferred separation. Deferred separation means that if the student is found in violation of the same misconduct, the student will most likely face suspension or dismissal.

Members of Student Judicial Affairs compiled this report. Additional information about SJA and the Campus Judicial Board may be found at sja.ucdavis.edu.


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