54.7 F

Davis, California

Monday, October 18, 2021




Two individuals were in custody for shoplifting two energy drinks on East Covell Boulevard.

Dear Abby…

A resident on Huerta Place requested to speak to an officer for advice about her minor son.



Police made contact regarding advice about a daughter and her ex on Glide Drive.

Environmentally unfriendly

Someone picked up a planter on G Street and threw it at a business vehicle.

Just bird watching

A male subject with binoculars was seen on Cowell Boulevard and El Cemonte Avenue.


Berry illegal

A strawberry vendor was selling without a permit on Lillard Drive and Danbury Street.

Too much sun

Someone was reported wandering around and talking to herself on E Street. She appeared to be very sunburned.

Shit happens

A female subject defecated in a store on D Street.


Made ya look!

Someone was approached by a young female with long blonde hair and said she was trying to get to Oakland and needed money. The respondent left her vehicle to go across the street to a bank to get her a $20. When she returned and gave her the money she realized her purse was missing out of her vehicle on F Street.

Going in circles

A college-aged female with black hair, a black top, a short plaid skirt, black leggings with her arms folded across her chest had been circling around a tree in the respondent’s yard for over half an hour. Her dark-colored bike was lying down. The resident asked if she was okay, and she said yes. She continued circling.

POLICE BRIEFS are compiled by POOJA KUMAR from the public logs of the Davis Police Department and are based on the official version of what happened. The crime blotter is online at cityofdavis.org/police. This segment appears Tuesdays.


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