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Discover the City of Davis’ hot spots

The City of Davis is more than just the university. There is an abundance of stores, restaurants, parks and places to see and things to do. With UC Davis at its heart, the small town vibe is given a boost of energy and creates an unlimited amount of things to learn about and discover.

Susan Glinka, a senior psychology major, feels that Davis is really a town with a unique feel for its college students and residents.

“The atmosphere is super-friendly. It’s like a young town, it’s college friendly,” Glinka said.

With the many amenities that downtown Davis and its surrounding areas have to offer there is always something to do, see and eat. Here’s a look at some of the more interesting places to check out.

Local Fixtures

Both the award-winning Davis Farmers Market and the Davis Bike Loop are one-of-a-kind locations that every student should check out.

Located in Central Park, the farmers market is the perfect place to get seasonal and local fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.

The market opens from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday and from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. every Wednesday through Oct. 27. They even have fresh fruit stalls on campus on Wednesdays during the fall and spring.

The Davis Bike Loop is a testament to not only the many scenic routes that encircle the city but its passion for bikes.

A 12-mile route marked by a logo and green arrows, the bike loop is just one of the many bike trails and is a great self-guided tour of the city.

Parks and Recreation

Over 400 acres of land in Davis are devoted to 32 parks all around town. Community Service Manager Connie Foppiano suggests students take advantage of the local parks.

“There’s so much open space that students can do anything they want to do,” Foppiano said.

Foppiano highlights some of the bigger parks in Davis, which include: Community Park at 1405 F St., Arroyo Park at 2000 Shasta Dr. and Slide Hill Park at 1525 Tulip Lane.

Each one of the parks varies in amenities from pools and a skate park to different sports fields. Whether you want to barbeque some burgers or play a game of Frisbee golf, all of it can be done at one of the local parks. There are also local events that occur throughout the parks throughout the year. Community Park will be hosting an event called ‘Barks and Splash’ for dog owners on Oct. 3. Central Park at 401 C St. hosts ‘Movies in the Park’ nights on Saturday nights with family-oriented movies.

If you are looking for seasonal or part time work, the local parks have various positions available from life guarding to junior basketball coaches. More information is available at the community service department office at 23 Russell Blvd.

Davis Wetlands

As part of the Davis Waste Water Treatment Plant, the Davis Wetlands provide up to 400 acres of different habitats for many species of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish.

Davis’s Wildlife Resource Specialist John McNerney said that the Davis Wetlands is a great spot for students to walk, bike, bird watch and pursue artistic endeavors and research.

“It’s an escape from town, a nice little natural area away from the hustle and bustle,” McNerney said.

The Davis Wetlands are open to the public Sept. 1 to Feb. 15 on Mondays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and open seven days a week after Feb. 15 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Docent led tours are every first Saturday of the month.

Pence Art Gallery

With three spaces for its many shows and exhibits the Pence Art Gallery at 212 D St. is a place where students can view exhibits that include local and international art.

Natalie Nelson, director of Pence Art Gallery, said there are more than a 100 local and ‘quirky’ artists in Davis.

“The Davis art scene is really fun and lively,” Nelson said.

The Pence’s current traveling exhibit, ‘Sew Much to Celebrate,’ showcases not-your-average grandmother’s quilts from all over the world, Nelson said.

Junior or senior art or art history majors can also apply for the Pence Gallery Undergraduate Internship, a six-month course. The deadline is Sept. 30 and more information can be found at pencegallery.org.

Thai Restaurants

Davis’s culinary palette includes a unique concentration of Thai cuisine. From Thai Nakorn at 424 G St., KetMoRee at 238 G St. or Taste of Thai at 301 G St. to name just a few, there is always some where to get your Thai iced tea fix while walking downtown.

Another Thai restaurant, Sophia’s Thai Kitchen at 129 E St., is host to live music, ranging from blues to rock, every Friday and Saturday night. Outdoor seating and a bar is included.

Sophia’s Bar Manager, Asa Nilanv, said the more popular dishes are the curry and popular drinks are the mojitos. Plus, there are free refills for Thai iced tea.

Skydance Skydiving

College is all about trying something new. Students lacking in vertigo might want to jump at the chance to experience free falling from nine, 13 or even 18 thousand feet up.

Located at the Yolo County airport, Skydance Skydiving was the first Tandem skydiving training program on the West Coast, according to its web site.

Sophomore managerial economics major Kayla Carolan works at Skydive Skydance and cannot wait until she takes her first jump.

“I have not heard one bad thing about it. Everyone seems to have an amazing time,” Carolan said.

Prospective skydivers must be at least 18 years old. Each jump comes with a training course and groups of three or more people will receive a discount.

For more information about Davis or local happenings and events visit cityofdavis.org or daviswiki.org. Or just step outside your door.

JESSY WEI can be reached at features@theaggie.org.


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