63.8 F

Davis, California

Monday, October 18, 2021

Police Briefs


The only way to hear KDVS

A subject was bending car antennas on Second Street.


The real crime is dressing like a skinhead

A male with a white shirt and black pants was assaulted by a male with a shaved head, no shirt, jeans and a bat on Chiles Road.

Can’t ever trust the hired help

Four major pieces of jewelry and $400 cash are missing on Anza Avenue. Possible suspects are the neighbor’s construction workers.

That was probably an Aggie photographer …

A white male with a high-power lens camera was taking pictures of kids playing soccer on Moore Boulevard.

Local fogie kills fun

College students have lawn chairs and furniture in the front yard and a basketball hoop blocking the pathway. Subject can’t take a walk and wants them to be advised to move their things on Notre Dame Drive.


DeLorean citing

Someone heard six or seven shots and saw a flash of light on K Street.

AGG-ressive driver

Someone’s car was rammed intentionally on the freeway near the Chiles exit.

BECKY PETERSON can be reached at city@theaggie.org.


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