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Student Housing to bring entertainment to first-years

Student Housing and Entertainment Council are teaming up to bring live entertainment to first-year students in the grassy area outside Tercero.

Dominick Carlson, an Office of Student Development intern and senior economics major, approached Entertainment Council with the idea.

“When I was a first-year there was one day Sodexo was having an outdoor thing,” he said. “They hired a band and it was a really great time for the students to eat outside. It gave me an idea to maybe have an hour or two show with local bands.”

Carlson hopes that the pilot event in May will feature a three-hour concert, with several different bands performing. The bands featured would only be student bands and wouldn’t receive any pay. Carlson hopes that bands will want to participate in order to get their sound out to the public.

The event this year will likely take place in May. Since the event is still only in the planning stages, the cost of putting this on has yet to be determined.

“I think for the first time around it will be for one day,” said Tim Chin, a promotions coordinator with Entertainment Council and junior technocultural studies major. “Depending on how well it works out this year, maybe it can be once a week in the spring in the future.”

The event will take place in the early evening in order to ensure that those who aren’t interested aren’t being disturbed.

Student bands interested in playing can contact Carlson at dpcarlson@ucdavis.edu.

– Akshaya Ramanujam


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