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Ask EPPC: What is the Pound for a Pound Challenge?

Editor’s note: The Environmental Policy and Planning Commission (EPPC) is an ASUCD commission that works to create a more environmentally sustainable campus.

What is the Pound for a Pound Challenge?

This is a great and timely question! The Pound for a Pound Challenge is happening all next week and is a really great way to solve two big problems at the same time: climate change and student hunger.

A student group called Make Davis Cool has partnered with a few local grocery stores to fight global warming. The challenge involves reducing your carbon footprint. For every pound of carbon reduced, select grocery stores will donate a pound of food to The Pantry – UC Davis’ very own student food-bank.

The Challenge is really easy and should be lots of fun. The first and best thing you can do is to attend an Earth Week event and sign in with your name and e-mail address. These events are hosted by EPPC and will be going down in the quad every day next week starting at noon. There will be music, water pong and prizes for answering environmental trivia questions and more.

So sign in, learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to stopping climate change and hunger.

Another really easy thing people are doing is posting pictures of themselves or a friend doing something sustainable to the Campus Center for the Environment’s Facebook page (facebook.com/ucdcce). This could be a simple picture of you, your reusable water bottle and that million-dollar smile.

Got a question for EPPC? Send it to margaret.link@gmail.com.


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