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UC Davis hopes to see rise in out-of-state students on campus

In an effort to combat the university’s potential $107 million budget shortfall, UC Davis admitted more non-resident students and first-year students this year.

According to data from the University of California Office of the President (UCOP), UC Davis admitted 18,222 – or 86.5 percent – in-state applicants for the 2011-2012 academic year. For out-of-state applicants, 1,360, or 6.5 percent, were admitted. This is an increase from last year’s acceptance rate of 4.5 percent for out-of-state applicants, or 867 students.

“First, non-resident students enrich the educational experience by bringing diversity of thought and diversity of experience,” said Lora Jo Bossio, associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs and interim director of undergraduate admissions. “Second, it will help financially, as the additional resources will be used to support academic offerings and student services for all students.”

The university plans to enroll more non-California residents. These students pay out-of-state tuition, which is almost $23,000 more in student fees than resident students, Bossio said.

“Among other things, fees and tuition are used to help recruit and retain high-quality faculty,” Bossio said. “It will offer additional courses that help lower class size and improve access to core areas of the curriculum and expand library collections and services to students.”

In addition, UC Davis accepted 21,074 first-year students, 46 percent, out of the 45,825 that applied for the upcoming school year. Last year, out of the 43,315 first-year applicants, 19,460, or 44.9 percent, were admitted, according to the preliminary data findings.

According to UCOP’s data findings, UC Davis saw more applicants this year than last year – 45,825 compared to 43,315. UC system wide, 106,186 hopeful first-years applied this year – a record number for UC, said Pamela Burnett, interim director of UC admissions, in a statement.

According to an April 18 UC Davis press release, the university aims to enroll about 4,704 first-year students. The campus is also planning for about 2,810 transfer students.

UC Davis is one of seven campuses that is currently using waitlists for first-year applicants for the upcoming school year. UC?eligible students who weren’t accepted into a desired campus will be offered admission to UC Merced, Burnett said in a statement.

Students placed on the waitlist are not guaranteed an acceptance to UC Davis. Students must log onto MyAdmissions to accept a position on the waitlist.

If there is room after May 1, admissions will review waitlisted students and offer admission to those who meet criteria.

The deadline for admitted first-years to submit their intent to register at UC Davis is May 1 while transfer students have until June 1.

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