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Monday, June 24, 2024

Letter to the Editor: The Domes

When I talk to Davis town-folk about the domes on-campus, a 1972 student-built housing project – unique in all the UC system, people ask me, “Clay, does the community called Baggins End have a chance of survival?”

I have to answer that I would be pessimistic, except for the fact that the very existence of the project and the survival of the community for almost 40 years is an astoundingly improbable, only at UC Davis, occurrence. The place has a little magic, and I believe a solution that is acceptable and beneficial to all concerned will be found.

In order for this to happen the community and university must work together in good faith. Safety concerns need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Differed maintenance must be scheduled and completed on schedule. Students must design a plan that they can execute to replace the 14 aging domes two or three at time over the next five to seven years. And, like the construction of the original 14 student-built domes, the plan must be self-financing and provide a high-quality educational experience for students who want to live close to the land.

Improbable? Yes. Doable, given Aggie Spirit? Most definitely. There is a practical proposal on the table. Let’s move forward.


Clay Brandow

Student Dome-Builder 1972

Dome resident 1972-75

Class of 1975 – Soil and Water Science

Davis, CA


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