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Davis, California

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Roving Reporter

“I don’t actually celebrate Halloween. Once I got to college I kind of grew out of it.”

Ryan Mayo, sophomore computer engineering major


“Mexico, with a short belt and Tequila belt because it’s fun and the only costume I have.”

Fred Tattersall, junior chemistry major


“I am going to be River Tam because I didn’t plan very well and it’s the simplest thing I can do and still make it work.”

Hannal Victory, junior dramatic art major


“Ginger Spice, because I love the Spice Girls and girl power and also because I am a ginger.”

Molly Hoelper, junior mechanical engineering major


“I am going to be a Barbarian of sorts because I have the attire. I don’t want to spend tons of money on a costume so I’m just using what I have in my closet.”

Sean Newell, junior managerial economics major


“Grim Reaper. It’s the costume I had last year but I didn’t really use it. I am actually spending Halloween at UCLA with my girlfriend.”

Gabriel Weil, sophomore animal science major


“I am going to be a sailor. My girlfriend is going as a nurse so that’s how I got the idea to be a sailor.”

Michael Torossian, sophomore biochemistry major


“I am going to wear a white shirt and write ‘animal’ with a sharpie and go as a party animal. It’s fun and easy.”

Chris Hartman, senior animal biology major


“I am going to wear a shirt that says ‘Go ceiling’ and be a ceiling fan.”

John Oakley, junior international relations major


“We actually do not celebrate Halloween. Halloween honors the dead and God says we shouldn’t participate in events such as these.”

Linda Raty and Suzanne Metz, Jehovah’s Witnesses who hand out free literature on the Quad.


“For Halloween I am going to be a pimp because all the girls are dressed like whores.”

Alfredo Ramirez, junior exercise biology major