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Best of the Police Briefs

Oct. 18
That’s fishy
There was a loud party with lots of bass on Anderson Road.

Nov. 1
Party to die for
There was loud music coming from the cemetery on Pole Line Road.

Nov. 3
Baseless attack
Someone poured acid on a vehicle on Mazanita Lane.

Nov. 17
Horn of plenty
Someone had a sign saying “Honk and we’ll take a shot” on F Street.

Took the sign literally
Someone shot a Canadian goose in a field near Bermuda Avenue.

Jan. 19
Going through withdrawals
Someone was sleeping in an ATM kiosk on E Street.

Feb. 14
Good time for reflection
An irate person attempted to throw a mirror at someone on Russell Boulevard.

Feb. 28
Crimes against fashion
Someone wearing a multicolored poncho stole alcohol on Cowell Boulevard.

March 6
Can’t hit high seas
A girl was singing loudly and badly on a pirate ship in a park on Pastal Way.

April 24
It was an emergency
Someone called 9-1-1 to discuss which drinking games to play on Russell Boulevard.

The Best of the Police Briefs was compiled by TRACY HARRIS. Contact TRACY HARRIS at city@theaggie.org.


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