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News in Brief: UC Davis fraternity closed for alcohol violations

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), UC Davis’ oldest fraternity, has been given a five-year ban for serving alcohol to minors.

Minors were served alcohol at two different events in January and February, as reported by The Sacramento Bee.  This is the second major violation for the organization in three years, as it was still on probation in 2009 when it received a two-year penalty for similar violations. The decision to strip the organization of its presence on campus was made April 2, but only recently was it made public.

The fraternity, which was removed from the Interfraternity Council at UC Davis, cannot use campus resources or raise funds for activities during its ban.

Due to the ban, SAE’s national organization and headquarters, which are based in Illinois, will not recognize the campus chapter and the 50 residents of SAE are suspended until graduation. According to The Sacramento Bee, SAE spokesperson Brandon Weghorst said they can become SAE alumni after that time.

Muna Sadek

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on August 15 to give appropriate credit to The Sacramento Bee. The Aggie regrets this error.


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