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Davis, California

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Editorial: Don’t Miss It

Today, former President Bill Clinton will speak on the Quad at 10:30 a.m.

It certainly says something about UC Davis that we are a destination for a well-known political figure. While Clinton’s decision to visit Davis is likely related to the proximity to the state capital, the fact that UC Davis is becoming a more prominent and successful university certainly played a part in grabbing Clinton’s attention.

This year, UC Davis was named the No. 8 public university in the nation by US News & World Report and ranked No. 3 (tied with UC San Diego) within the UCs. It’s exciting to see UC Davis recognized for its excellence, and Bill Clinton’s visit is yet another form of recognition for our school.

Regardless of political affiliation, every student should be on the Quad this morning, taking advantage of an amazing opportunity to see national politics in action on our very own campus.

The upcoming election could easily change the lives of every college student in America, so college students should be showing that they care. We hope professors understand if their classrooms are pretty empty this morning.

The Davis College Democrats should also be commended for coordinating with the California Democratic Party to organize the Bill Clinton event. It’s encouraging to see student groups being proactive in getting important information to the students.

So, Mr. Clinton, welcome to our university. And students, we hope to see you out there this morning.


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