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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Editorial: Eat your heart out

The ASUCD Coffee House has recently implemented a Meatless Monday program, which aims to provide increased variety as well as raise awareness of alternative food options.

Although not all of us are vegetarians, we fully support the program — a collaboration between ASUCD and the CoHo — to supplement the normal menu with vegetarian options, as well as cut back on serving meat. Also, the Meatless Monday options will be provided at a discount, which we are definitely in favor of. It is important to know that Meatless Mondays do not mean that there will be no meat available; all the regular menu items will still be there as usual.

Having a meatless option serves a few purposes, a major one being a significant beneficial impact on the environment. Meat production requires far more resources than veggie production, with a much larger environmental impact.

A meatless option also has some striking health benefits. Red meat and meat in general are far higher in saturated and unsaturated fat than vegetables, and are also higher in cholesterol. While fat and cholesterol are not dangerous in moderation, taking a day off from meat consumption can help you maintain healthy levels.

Vegetarian diets are also higher in fiber, an important nutrient that is sorely lacking in many collegiate diets. Getting a few extra servings of vegetables, while cutting back slightly in meat consumption can significantly lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and hypertension.

While some of you may have concerns that a veggie diet does not have enough protein for you to get ripped at the gym, you can always get all of your protein needs from soy and dairy products for one day.

We are excited that Meatless Mondays have arrived at the CoHo, and we encourage all students to try it out.


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