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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Issues with printer prevent unit from completing orders

Since the week of Sept. 15, the ASUCD unit Aggie Threads has stopped printing T-shirts due to continuous problems with their printer.

Aggie Threads expected to have their printer back on Oct. 18 to resume their T-shirt printing services, but the printer is still not up and running.
“From the very beginning we encountered several problems with our print quality along with it constantly breaking down and having to do constant maintenance to keep it functional. So it’s very inconsistent with printing out T-shirts for us,” said Dan Caldwell, Aggie Threads unit director.
According to Caldwell, the printer was sent to the company to receive the adjustments necessary to provide students with reliability, customer service and print quality.
Due to the number of printers the company, Anajet, is receiving for repair, Aggie Threads was unable to send their printer for maintenance until Oct. 12. Anajet, who is covering the repair cost of the printer, was initially supposed to repair the printer last Monday. The printer was supposed to be received three days later, but due to issues during repair, the arrival was delayed.
For individuals whose orders have not been fulfilled due to printer issues, Caldwell is issuing a “heavy discount.”
The downtown UC Davis Store allowed Aggie Threads to finish some shirt designs there.
If Aggie Threads continues to experience problems with the printers after the repair from Anajet, they will be looking into purchasing a new printer from a different company. However, Anajet has ensured Aggie Threads that the upgrades the printer will receive will fix all previous issues.
“It’s been really frustrating because you have this really cool shop here in the MU, [and] students want to use it,” Caldwell said.



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