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Davis, California

Sunday, September 26, 2021


Voting for the ASUCD Winter Quarter Elections starts today.

All undergraduate students are eligible to vote for the six new senators and a president and vice president.

Members of the ASUCD senate have a say in how the campus is run, specifically the areas that impact students most. This includes The Pantry, Tipsy Taxi, Picnic Day and Unitrans.

Candidates this year are advocating for causes such as Ethnic and Lavender Graduations, club funding, increased C Permit parking, creation of an internet cafe and longer study room hours. If any of these causes sound appealing to you — vote!

Members of the Association have an $11 million budget to manage and you have a say in how and where it is spent.

It’s your duty to elect senators and executive officials that will determine how this campus is operated.

Voting is quick and convenient and can be done online at elections.ucdavis.edu. It is done through a choice-voting system, allowing voters to rank candidates in their order of preference. Online polls will be open until 8 a.m. Friday.

Election results will be announced Feb. 27.


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