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Davis, California

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Editorial: P(ARC)ing

With a facility intended to accommodate the thousands of students that pay for its services in fees, and only about 500 bike parking spots, it’s safe to say that the ARC needs more bike parking.

If you’ve been to the ARC in the last few weeks, odds are you’ve seen the signs that warn you against locking your bike to anything other than the designated parking spots.

Under this new policy, bikes are locked with boots if they are locked to themselves or a surrounding object, and students are required to pay for removal. Students pay for the ARC. How are they supposed to take advantage of it if Davis’ preferred mode of transportation is being discouraged?

It’s nearly impossible to find an empty spot to lock a bike during any hour of the day. Campus construction officials should account for the number of ARC guests that use the building and add parking spots accordingly.

Suspiciously enough, ARC officials refused to disclose the facility’s capacity. We can only assume they acknowledge that it’s more than 500 people.

As of now, there are no plans to add more bike racks to the ARC, according to UC Davis Design and Construction Management, but with the student population increasing significantly every year and the 2020 Initiative’s plan to condense 5,000 more students on to the campus by the year 2020, there should be. Maybe they should consider a bike parking garage.


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