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News in Brief: ASUCD Senator Alyson Sagala resigns

On Sept. 25, ASUCD Senator Alyson Sagala resigned from her position after she was forced to graduate early due to financial complications. She was expected to complete her full term this Fall Quarter after her election last winter.

“I believe it would be unfair of me to attempt to serve out my term without being able to commit as much passion, time and dedication that I did these past two quarters,” Sagala said.

She added that the candidate most likely to fill her seat during the countback election would be Olivia Brown. Brown has experience inside ASUCD as [an] ECAC Commissioner, and outside as a Retention Coordinator for the African Diaspora Cultivating Education at the SRRC.

“She is a constant advocate for students at UC Davis, and I have no doubt her unique insight and unwavering passion and dedication will be a great asset to the Association,” Sagala said.

Sagala said some of her proudest moments as Senator were when she was able to create awareness about contentious campus issues such as the UC involvement in the occupation of Palestine, questioning Intercollegiate Athletics and their financial practices, as well as demanding support for critically underfunded cultural events.

“After I leave I hope the SMART slate can continue to serve an invaluable voice for underrepresented students on this campus,” Sagala said. “There is an overwhelming majority in ASUCD controlled by an overbearing Executive office, and I hope the entire Senate — not just those from the SMART coalition — can learn to exercise their voice and take more assertive action in their legislative role in student government.”

— Adam Khan and Paayal Zaveri


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