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Frances Ha now available on Netflix Instant Play

If you’re like me, someone who spends copious amounts of time hunched over a computer screen streaming Netflix movies instead of starting that term paper, there is good news.

Alas, I have been forcing myself to watch B movie after B movie in hopes that someday Netflix might actually add a film that I know I will enjoy for the next 120 minutes or so of my life. So, when I opened a new tab and scrolled through the recently added movies on Netflix, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that one of my favorite summer movies was now streaming on Netflix, Frances Ha.

The Film is co-written by its lead actress, Greta Gerwig, and its director, Noah Baumbach. Gerwig, known for her roles in movies such as Hannah Takes the Stairs and Nights and Weekends, has developed a cult following as one of the leading figures in mumblecore cinema, a sub-genre of independent film that is characterized by low production costs and naturalistic dialogue. Her previous experience rubs off on her first attempt at writing for the silver screen, as Frances Ha is branded by realistic, personable dialogue.

Baumbach, an established director and writer whose films include the Squid and the Whale and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, which he co-wrote with Wes Anderson, adds highly stylistic parameters to the film, such as choosing to shoot the movie in black and white and utilizing wide cinematic shots. The aesthetic of the film provides a unique and engaging experience for the viewer, due its unorthodox use of long takes and discontinuous, fragmented editing, reminiscent of French New Wave films.

Gerwig tackles the role of Frances with grace. Portraying a tall, gawky, 27 year old postgraduate looking for direction in her life, Frances has to face the reality that her dream of becoming a modern dancer is not working out. Wandering aimlessly throughout the film between newfound friends and multiple residences, we come to realize that Frances is on a journey, but it’s uncertain whether she’s in search of herself or on a flight from reality.

So, if you have the time and a Netflix account, Frances Ha will be sure to provided an engaging and memorable experience that will satisfy your viewing pleasure.


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