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Celebration of Life Festival to be held in Davis cemetery


The Celebration of Life Concert and Art Festival is the perfect opportunity to immerse one’s self in something larger than the pursuits of academia. This upcoming event is meant to be a reminder that life is special, and it needs to be lived to the fullest.

The sixth annual Celebration of Life Concert and Art Festival will take place on Sunday at Gallery 1855 in the Davis Cemetery District. This is a free event that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. There will be special music performances by Bob Bralove accompanied by his music ensemble, poetry readings by Davis poet laureate Dr. Andy Jones, and a non-juried art show.

Bralove is a keyboardist, lyricist, composer and member of a quartet called the Psychedelic Cabaret. Bralove expressed his positive feelings towards the event taking place in the Davis Cemetery District.

“It couldn’t be more appropriate to hold an event like this in a cemetery,” Bralove said. “We will be playing about half original music and half classic covers […] [and we] really [want to be] present in [our music] and convey the immediacy of the moment through improvisation.”

The event will also offer the opportunity to listen to Dr. Andy Jones read some of his most recent poetic work. Jones shared that he will read poetry that finds inspiration in things that are “unsure, complex and nuanced in life.” He will also read from his latest book, Where’s Jukie?, which he co-wrote with his wife Kate Duren.

“[My work can be] heart-wrenching and very moving at times,” Jones said. “[I aim to incorporate] points of view from different characters and play with dynamic language, hyperbole and humor [in my work].”

The event will also have a non-juried art show, featuring a variety of mixed media artwork by local artists.

Kristi Dvorak, community outreach coordinator of the Celebration of Life Concert and Art Festival, commented that there will be “watercolors, photography and collages that depict life in Yolo county.” This is an opportunity to see artistic narratives of how locals live, thrive and handle life’s challenges.

The non-juried art show will be open and free to the public throughout the month of October.

“This enriching cultural event is a chance to be with our neighbors, and it is something we can all enjoy and experience,” Dvorak said.

The free Celebration of Life Concert and Art Festival will be from 1 to 4 p.m. at Gallery 1855 (820 Pole Line Road, Davis, California).

Photo by Dr. Andy Jones




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