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Thirsty Thursdays


A feature on Davis nightlife and bars.

Café Bernardo

Popular Drinks: The Wicki Wacky Woo (Wicki)

Cafe Bernardo, better known as Bernardo’s, is the bar where many 21-plus students begin their nights. Their most popular drink there is the Wicki, which contains enough alcohol (a shot of Bacardi 151 in the straw) to jumpstart your weekly night-on-the-town shenanigans. It’s also part of Davis’ famous rite of passage: The Trinity. The Trinity is a ritual that requires the consumption of three of the strongest drinks in Davis—the Wicki, the Devastator and the FML—in less than an hour.

As you walk into the bar, one thing will stand out right off the bat—it’s really small. Therefore, Bernardo’s is a popular place for people to start their night, but the crowd usually thins out as the night progresses. The typical mindset most people have when deciding to pay a visit to Café Benardo is: go in, down my Wicki and get out!

Bistro 33

Popular Drinks: The Devastator and Mojitos in various flavors

Every Thursday night on the corner of F St. and 3rd St., you can expect two things: everyone is out drinking, and 90 percent of these people will be at Bistro 33, also known as Bistro, early on in the night. Bistro has gained a reputation over the years as a popular spot to drink and hangout on a Thursday night in Downtown Davis. Why? Not only does this bar have another drink of the Davis Trinity, the Devastator, but also because if you’re a Davis student, you’ve probably heard the phrase “I’m going to Mojito Night.” Bistro offers a wide variety of atmospheres, whether you feel like relaxing out on the patio next to an open fire, hanging out by the bar or busting out the moves on the dance floor. One of the drawbacks of Bistro is that it gets crowded early and often. Come early for a table or expect to wait a little while.

Red 88 Noodle Bar

Popular Drinks: The FML and The Super FML

Downtown Davis bars sure do love repeating numbers. Red 88 Noodle Bar, or better known as Red 88, is the bar where students end their nights when looking to just relax and snack on some late night drunchies. However, the bar also offers two popular drinks: the FML, which consists of vodka, gin, tequila, Triple Sec and a splash of Sprite, and the Super FML. The FML is highly recommended as it is the third and final drink of the infamous Davis Trinity.

KetMoRee Thai Restaurant & Bar

Popular Drinks: Various cocktails

If you like to drink and dance, KetMoRee, better known as Ket, may be the bar for you. Restaurant by day and dancefloor by night, Ket utilizes its spacious lower level by clearing out the tables and chairs and creating a wide dancefloor. Ket offers a good mix of mostly top-40 hip-hop songs as well as lesser-known songs that are just as likely to keep the party going. Details, such as the projected music videos and laser lights on the walls, make this bar feel more like a club. The word has spread that Ket is the place to be on Thursday nights, as many people from the Sacramento area venture out here to have a good time.


Our House

Popular Drinks: Various cocktails

Our House may look small from the outside, but looks can be deceiving. Upon entering, it is actually a spacious venue with crowds spread out amongst the bar and dancefloor. Our House is another popular destination for Davis students who want to blow off some steam, and the line to get in can be rather long on Thursday nights. However, it’s well worth the wait because Our House creates an upbeat and welcoming atmosphere where it’s easy to meet people and enjoy another night out in Downtown Davis.


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