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New Employee Onboarding Center combines services for new employees


Center provides easier access to onboarding services for non-student workers

New UC Davis employees will now have an easier time with the onboarding process thanks to the recently-established New Employee Onboarding Center on-campus. Located on the second floor of the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) building, the center eases the stress for new, non-student UC Davis employees by offering onboarding services in a single location.

Originally, new employees had to complete their employment paperwork off campus at the Shared Services Center (SSC), request a parking permit at TAPS and pick up their employee ID at Dutton Hall.

“The main purpose of the new center is to create a one-stop environment where new employees don’t have to go to three different locations to be onboarded,” said John Mueller, SSC human resources operations manager.

At the New Employee Onboarding Center, new hires can complete paperwork, go over policies and procedures, print their employee ID cards and easily purchase parking passes on the first floor of TAPS. New employees are contacted by the SSC to schedule an appointment at the center.

After receiving positive feedback from the on-campus onboarding center for students located in South Hall, Sara Reed, the director of the SSC, wanted to create a space for new employees who may not be as familiar with the campus.

“Whether you’re staff or student, we want to make it easy for our employees, and this new onboarding center is just a step to make things simpler,” Reed said.

The center opened in December 2015 and was relocated to the second floor of TAPS in March 2016.

Melinda Van Nort, SSC human resources generalist, currently works at the new center and believes that it has positively influenced the new employee experience.

“[New employees] can come here, get all of the paperwork out of the way, get their ID and get their parking pass all in one whack, and then they can begin working,” Van Nort said. “It’s a lot more convenient time-wise, and we are able to give the new employee one-on-one service.”

With the recent opening of the New Employee Onboarding Center, Reed hopes to expand the center’s reach to student employees as well.

“It’s one of the efforts we’re working on to support the campus community,” Reed said. “The next efforts will be growing our services and continuing to refine student employment. We’re really trying to make it as easy and accessible as possible for all of our new employees.”

Written by: Emma Sadlowski – campus@theaggie.org


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