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Thanksgiving commute home: a playlist for your travels


Fall is underway; keep up with all the feels through this playlist


November signals the true beginning of fall here in Davis. As the weather has finally cooled, heavy coats and scarves have started to find their way back into our closets. Leaves that once held spring and summer in their veins now scatter the pavement in shades of brown and yellow, adding a crunch to our steps. Petrichor and crammed buses remind us that rainy days are fully back in action. Instagrams of muddy boots, trendy lattes and pumpkins flood our feeds. We can practically smell Thanksgiving meals as we yearn for home, but even more, we anticipate the much-needed break from school.

Whether you’re invigorated with a new sense of life or entirely depleted by the dreariness of fall, here is a cozy playlist to entertain all moods — including your trek back home. Snuggling up underneath a soft blanket (or three); trudging through rain puddles; mourning the absence of sweaty armpits and fun in the sun — this musical lineup will help you dive right into whatever atmosphere fall unleashes.


“Nights” — Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is truly golden year-round, but during fall and winter his tracks seem to break hearts with more force than usual. It seems only right to pay homage to his greatness by starting this playlist off with one of his songs. The line “no sleep in my body” resonates with us all.


“Wildflower” — Beach House

If you find yourself upset over the departure of summer or happen to enjoy immersing yourself in moody songs (I hope it’s not just me), then this one goes out to you.


“Normal Girl” — SZA

If you wish you were a “normal girl” who could navigate bike paths on a rainy day or slippery hallways without accidentally falling, rest assured that you’re not alone.


“White” — Odd Future, Frank Ocean

You might find yourself singing, “Could this be Earth? Could this be light? Does this mean everything is going to be alright?” as you exit your final class of the week on the Wednesday before break.


“Wax” — Kilo Kish

In this track, Kish ruminates on feeling trapped like wax in her relationship, threatening to “light a match” on it. When you feel inclined to do the same on all your school work and just “let it go,” remember that the taste of freedom is close.


“IFHY” — Tyler, The Creator

Don’t let this title inspire animosity; Tyler, the Creator actually takes his own spin on a love ballad. There’s probably no need to hate anyone aside from the driver going 60 mph in the far left lane when you’re just trying to make it home.


“The Road to You” — Stefano Guzzetti

Whether the “you” in your road trip home is a family member, significant other, pet or a Thanksgiving plate of food, just know that you’re close. This beautiful piano melody is the universal track for reminding you of the “you” that you miss.


“Flume” — Bon Iver

Bon Iver is the one-stop shop for all your melancholic needs, and his songs have even more effect in somber environments like fall. Get your tissues ready.


“White Ferrari” — Frank Ocean

You most likely aren’t pulling up to your family home in a white Ferrari, but it’s okay because this song needs a good listen — one that shouldn’t be sped through at the rate of a sports car.


“Summer Clouds” — Iron & Wine

Characteristic of Iron and Wine, his soothing voice and soft melodies will remind you of the sentimentality of your second home, making you eager to “wander back” to Davis — just in time for finals. But that’s another playlist in the making.


“Such Great Heights” — Iron & Wine

“I hope this song will guide you home” safely as you travel.


“Everything Now”  — Arcade Fire

In a society with an overconsumption problem that demands “everything now,” this last song by Arcade Fire ends on a positive note to remind you to be thankful for what you already have. But this is timely not just for the holiday weekend; it’s applicable year-round.


Written by: Cecilia Morales — arts@theaggie.org


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