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ASUCD rebrands for 2019-20 school year

Association aims to increase student engagement across student life

With the new school year beginning, ASUCD plans to launch an expansive rebranding effort as well as organize other events and activities to help better engage the student community. 

ASUCD, the student government of the entire undergraduate population at UC Davis, supports over 20 units and employs upwards of 1,500 students.

“What I would really like students to understand is that ASUCD is an umbrella organization, under which almost every single student-driven organization is a member,” said ASUCD Senator Maya Barack, a fourth-year international relations major. “So many more organizations on campus that are run for students, by students fall under the ASUCD category.”

Popular services utilized by students like the Coffee House (CoHo), the Bike Barn and Unitrans are all funded by ASUCD. The association is also responsible for hosting favorite community events including Whole Earth Festival and Picnic Day.

Part of ASUCD’s rebranding strategy aims to increase student awareness about the services they utilize everyday that they may not know are supported by ASUCD, Barack said.

In addition to regular ASUCD Senate meetings scheduled every Thursday night, a special session is set to take place on Sept. 26 and several town halls are expected to take place throughout the quarter. Dates for town halls have yet to be confirmed.

ASUCD Vice-President Shreya Deshpande commented on upcoming legislative changes students can look out for as the school year progresses.

“There will be a lot of restructuring of legislation this year,” Deshpande said. “We plan to change elections from winter to spring, regulation of the slates, reforming Judicial Council and restructuring committees and commissions.”

The ASUCD executive office is also in the final stages of a 10-year plan for ASUCD, called “Going Forward.” Plans include transitioning student wages to minimum wage.

“This encompasses transitioning student wages to minimum wage, increasing funding for current services and expansion into new services in the future,” Deshpande said.

ASUCD President Justin Hurst has also been working with different student centers on campus in order to increase collaboration and partnerships.

“New student voter registration will also be happening on campus, throughout dorm areas this weekend as new students move in,” Hurst said, adding that for many incoming freshmen, the 2020 presidential election will be the first they are able to participate in.

With a new class of freshmen and transfer students settling into life at UC Davis, members of ASUCD’s executive office have been tabling throughout Welcome Week and orientation.

In response to the $545,000 deficit the association has accumulated, Senator Shrondreya Landrum has been spearheading plans for an ASUCD gala, scheduled to take place in the beginning of Winter Quarter 2020.

“The Gala is to raise funds as a response to this previous year’s deficit and will be marketed to ASUCD alumnis,” Hurst said.

Written by: Ally Russell — campus@theaggie.org 


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