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Provost Mary Croughan discusses option of hybrid classes for Fall Quarter 2021

Fall registration is underway, and UC Davis is still planning for classes that create a safe environment for students returning to campus

With the release of vaccinations and nationwide rollbacks on COVID-19 restrictions, UC Davis is making plans for the instruction of Fall Quarter 2021 classes. 

    “We are planning for the vast majority of courses to be in person,” said Provost Mary Croughan, via email. “A very limited selection of courses [are] to be remote, [with] very few to no courses that would require an instructor to manage two modalities at once.”

    In a meeting with The California Aggie’s Editorial Board, Croughan discussed plans for hybrid classes that will cater to students with medical needs and international students who will not be able to attend in-person classes. 

    “We assume that the term ‘hybrid’ is referring to a class where some students are attending the class in person, some students are attending remotely, and the instructor is managing the delivery of instruction in two modalities,” Croughan said. 

    The process for professors to request hybrid or remote classes will most likely be similar to that of requesting in-person classes during this past school year, said Croughan in the meeting with the Editorial Board. Instructors may petition to have remote or hybrid classes. The administration is still working out the details for this request process and will notify the campus and professors when the forms are available.

    “We have not designated any classes as having a remote option,” Croughan said. “At this time, we do not know how many students or instructors may have circumstances that would prevent them from returning to campus in the fall or from participating in in-person instruction.”

    Croughan said before any decisions can be made on remote and hybrid classes, they must wait for information about student visas and other outstanding information from instructors and students. 

    “We anticipate that any adjustments will start being made in mid-July,” Croughan said. “As a limited number of remote courses are approved for fall, we will communicate that to students so that they may consider those options.”

    The Registrar’s Office was still working on placing classes into classrooms during the first pass registration, so information on remote classes or location is not yet available on Schedule Builder.

“This work continues, and we know that it may cause some schedule changes for those students who have already registered,” Croughan said.

     Croughan said that information on remote classes and in person locations should be available after the adjustments are made mid-July and students who have already registered can make necessary changes during Open Registration. 

Written by: Emily Redman — campus@theaggie.org


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