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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

News in Brief: Governor speaks at Prop. 30 rally

Gov. Jerry Brown spoke at a rally yesterday at UCLA’s Bruin Plaza on behalf of Proposition 30.

The proposition is estimated to have a direct impact on CSU and UC student tuition.

“Our public colleges and universities are a pathway to the California Dream and ensure that we have the creative talent to succeed in an increasingly complex world. Join me in saying ‘yes’ to Prop. 30, so we can stop the cuts, stop the tuition hikes and invest in a strong economy for the next generation,” Brown said during the rally.

The rally also featured words from students, the California Federation of Teachers president Joshua Pechthalt and others who work on the UCLA campus.

The event was part of a statewide UC Day of Action, supporting the proposition and the first stop for Brown in a tour of higher-education events.

The Aggie and various other UC campus newspapers participated in a conference call with Brown, during which he was asked about various issues of concern to students, including Prop 30. A full article detailing the conversation will follow.

— Muna Sadek


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