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Beauty and the beast: New fashion blog joins the ranks

LookMazing is a new site I recently heard about from an intern, sophomore Bella Ly. When asked what exactly LookMazing is, she explains, “LookMazing is a new SF startup fashion social network. It allows people to upload their outfits and fashion/make-up videos, tag the clothes they are wearing so other people can recreate their looks. And you can shop on the site too!”

I remember thinking “Oh that’s pretty cool, but that sounds exactly like Lookbook.nu, or even Pintrest.com and Tumblr.com.” Considering that I only have a Facebook and a Tumblr, I’m no expert on social networking sites, but they all kind of seem relatively similar. To those unfamiliar to these websites, Pintrest is a virtual pin-board where people can “pin” and share images with each other.

There’s an endless variety of things shared, from clothes to recipes. Tumblr is a blog that allows users to share thoughts, images, videos and even music via posts on the dashboard. Lookbook sounds exactly what Bella described LookMazing to be. It’s a site where people post their outfits, and you can click on particular looks and see where an article of clothing was purchased.

Don’t get me wrong, I think all these sites are great for drawing inspiration from or for expressing oneself. I know personally, I went on Pintrest, even though I didn’t have one, to find ideas for Halloween costumes. These sites are also a great way to kill some time. I’ve probably spent hours on Lookbook browsing through cute outfits during a boring lecture in the stuffy lecture hall of the Social Science Building.

Although these social networking sites are based upon the same principle of sharing ideas with the public, I think they also all do so with a twist that distinguishes them from one another.

For example, my roommate, sophomore chemistry major Jocelyn Munoz, once told me that she preferred Pintrest more than Lookbook when looking at cute clothing because Lookbook gives outfits that were more tailored toward her style. “Pintrest has more stuff that I would wear. Lookbook is more edgy and sophisticated.”

I decided to check out LookMazing to see how is compares.

Basically, this website allows people to show off their outfits online through uploading pictures. Then people tag the clothes they’re wearing in the picture. When other people like the look, they can click on the picture to see all the individual articles of clothing that make up your outfit. Here’s the twist, the aspect that makes it different: when other people make purchases through your look, you can receive points. These points are redeemable for gift cards.

I found that LookMazing caters to a variety of looks suitable for all different styles. There are looks for those who rock an edgier style as well as sweeter looks. It also ranges from casual to semiformal wear. The only thing lacking is maybe the selection of looks for men. Scrolling through the site, I only caught a handful of them.

There is also a closet component, which I also found unique. By tagging your clothing, you begin building your own virtual closet. You can see how other people style the same articles of clothing that you own, including those who have been inspired by you and purchased through your looks. You can see how they restyled your look with that particular purchase. In addition, you can look through your friends closet or their wish list. That way, you’ll never have a problem with what to get someone for their birthday.

On the website, I also found that there’s an online magazine component, featuring different fashion bloggers, as well as spotting trends at different universities.

LookMazing is hosting an event at Gap in Davis on Thursday, Feb. 7. A professional photobooth will be present for people to take pictures of their outfits. People could also dress in Gap attire and take pictures there. In addition, you get 25 percent off your purchase that night.

I personally haven’t joined yet, but for you fashionistas out there, I think this is definitely worth checking out the website or going to the event.

EUGENIA CHUNG can be reached at ehchung@ucdavis.edu.


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