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Davis, California

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

News in Brief: Voters approve Measure I

On Tuesday, the last batch of Davis voters cast their votes for Measure I, also known as the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency surface water project.

According to the Yolo County Elections Office website, Measure I received 8,014 “yes” votes, or 54.1 percent of the 14,832 total votes, and 6,802 “no” votes, or 45.9 percent of the total votes. About 40 percent of those registered to vote in Davis cast their ballots in the all-mail election.

The $113 million surface water project will transport treated Sacramento River water to Davis and Woodland to replace the city’s current groundwater supply.

To pay for the project, the city council will implement rate increases, which may almost triple the cost of an average water bill in the next five years.

The council plans to hold a public hearing on March 19 to sort out the water rate increases. If more than half of the city’s 16,000 ratepayers protest the proposed rates, the council will not proceed with them.

If on schedule, construction of the project would be slated to begin later this year.

— Claire Tan


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