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Roughly 6.7% of students vote in Fall Quarter 2019 ASUCD elections

Six senators elected, three of four constitutional amendments fail 

The results of the Fall Quarter 2019 ASUCD elections were posted online today following a cancellation of a public tabulations meeting. Only 2,010 people voted out of a potential nearly 30,000 undergraduate students in ASUCD. The voter turnout was, thus, roughly 6.7%.

Six senators were elected: Khalil Malik and Camille Randolph, who ran on the BASED slate, and JB Martinez, Mahan Carduny, Samantha Boudaie and Juan David Velasco, who ran on the Thrive slate. 

The single candidate from F.U.C.K., McLovin — also known as Noah Dickman — was not elected. 

The Elections Timing Amendment to shift the Winter ASUCD Elections to Spring Quarter was not passed.

The Impeachment and Removal Amendment to add the process of impeachment and removal of elected officials, adding to existing recall and closed session processes, was passed. 

The Judicial Council Reform Amendment to reform the structure of the Judicial Branch of ASUCD was not passed. 

The Worker Student Solidarity Commission Amendment to create the Worker-Student Solidarity Commission (WSSC) was not passed. 

The full results were posted online at elections.ucdavis.edu, including more detailed statistics on the votes.

Written by: Graschelle Fariñas Hipolito — campus@theaggie.org


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