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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Thank you to those who have stepped up amid the COVID-19 crisis

We are grateful for healthcare workers, local and state leaders, UC Davis faculty and administration, community helpers

As we each do our best to navigate these unnerving and uncertain times, we might choose to take solace in the resiliency of our community. To the Davis community members eager to lend a helping hand; to our state and local leaders who have been proactive in their communication efforts; to the teachers and employees who continue to selflessly serve us and to the local, national and global healthcare workers on the front lines of this chaos: We are filled with gratitude.

In times of crisis, there is perhaps no more reassuring sentiment than Mister Rogers’ famous plea to “look to the helpers.” Fortunately, we can see these helpers in our own neighborhood. Davis City Council passed an ordinance halting evictions and authorized the suspension of fees for missed payments. The Davis Joint Unified School District, though shut down, is still providing twice-daily meals. In the Yolo County Mask-Making for COVID-19 Facebook group, nearly 100 members virtually collaborate on making homemade masks for healthcare workers, veterinarians and homeless shelters. And, on the COVID-19 Yolo Community Response Facebook page, over 4,300 people have shared information, supported local businesses, donated goods and helped their neighbors track down items like toilet paper and flour.

While our national leaders in the White House seem to have failed us now, the time when we need them most, the State of California — under the decisive leadership of Gov. Gavin Newsom — is in a better position to mitigate the spread of the virus than other states are, thanks to Newsom’s early and effective statewide shelter-in-place order.

The Editorial Board commends UC Davis administrators for actively seeking out and listening to student input when making decisions such as canceling Picnic Day. Previously, we have disagreed with Chancellor Gary May over the frequency with which campus-wide emails are sent out — we have belabored our argument to such a degree that we almost have to laugh when we bring it up with him yet again. But at this point in time, clear and proactive communication is no joke, and we believe May has undoubtedly risen to the occasion. The administration’s weekly Friday emails and May’s upbeat Facebook and Instagram posts are greatly appreciated.

Transitioning to remote instruction almost overnight is going to be a challenge, to say the least. We want to recognize the dedication of our instructors who are going out of their way to problem solve and make the most of the limited resources and tools available. We also want to acknowledge the commitment of those UC Davis employees who are ensuring that the campus maintains minimal, but necessary, operations.

To our fellow students: Please have patience and understanding for and empathy toward your instructors. We, the nine members of the Editorial Board, are all seniors, and we whole-heartedly agree that this situation is far from ideal. We recognize, however, that we are fortunate to have our health, our families, our friends and our continuing education. Finally, the health and well-being of healthcare workers, first responders and their families are being directly and exponentially impacted as cases of COVID-19 rapidly increase. Just recently, UC Davis Medical Center employees tested positive for coronavirus. These workers are risking their lives to save others, and we thank them for this ultimate act of noble sacrifice.

Written by: The Editorial Board


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