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A guide to trivia nights in downtown Davis

Employees and UC Davis students share trivia tips and their favorite events

By MONICA ROBERTS — features@theaggie.org


UC Davis students are no stranger to bar “trivia nights” — student friendly nightlife in the form of competitive brain games. Trivia night advertisements plaster downtown bars and customers walking in on trivia night might even struggle finding an empty seat at some of these venues. Tipsy brainiacs clink their glasses and laugh with friends while they wait for the games to start. So what makes trivia so successful and why are college students so drawn to it? 


Woodstock’s Pizza

Woodstock’s Pizza, a four time Best of Davis “best pizza” winner, offers trivia nights with promotions such as $9 beer pitchers after 9 p.m. Trivia at Woodstock’s is every Thursday night at 9 p.m. and is open to all ages. As you enter the bar area of Woodstock’s, scan the QR code located on the front table to direct you to the King Trivia app.

Five minutes before trivia begins, the MC will announce the member ID. Each group is allowed one member to access their phone as each answer will be submitted on the app. Resident quizmaster Cody shouts each question in his microphone as they also appear on teams’ phones, making Woodstock’s Pizza have the only trivia in Davis that is entirely digital.

First place winners earn a $50 Woodstock’s gift card as second and third place earn $25. 


University of Beer

The self-pronounced “pup-friendly” brewery, University of Beer (UOB), hosts their trivia every Wednesday at 9 p.m. UOB also has a proclaimed “trivia MC,” but senior shift leader at UOB, Gabby Pejovich, often hosts trivia nights when their MC is unavailable. She said that she always participates when she can, since she believes UOB’s trivia is the best in town.

“Trivia night is very busy here,” Pejovich said. “ I think we have the best trivia in town because of the interactiveness of it and our categories have something for everyone.” 

UOB’s trivia categories include music, current events, history and features a new category thrown in weekly. Pejovich said that although they encourage all (21+) participants, tensions can be high to win that prize. 

“It’s kind of competitive,” Pejovich said. “Actually last night we had a tie for second place so we had two teams send out a representative and they both had to chug a beer to see who would win.”

The prizes awarded are a $15 gift card for third place, $20 gift card for second place, and $25 for first place. The only (potential) downside of UOB’s trivia is that the Davis location does not serve food, but customers are permitted to bring outside food as long as they clean up.


G Street Wunderbar 

A watering hole for regulars and an older crowd, G Street also offers trivia every Wednesday night, at 8 p.m. Players answer questions on an answer sheet given by the trivia master, which includes general knowledge questions and pop culture with slight gravitation towards movies and music. The questions are slightly less academic than trivia at other Davis spots as the bar itself is not student-centered. Trivia nights at G street tend to be busy but not crowded, and those who aren’t playing trivia can shoot pool or mingle in the back. 

Prizes vary. Winners may receive vouchers for free drinks, shirts, mugs or shot glasses. 


Three Mile Brewing Co.

Despite the name, Three Mile Brewing Co. invites people of all ages to participate in their weekly trivia. Trivia starts at 6 p.m. every Sunday night. 

Like at Woodstock’s, groups first sign in as a team on the King Trivia app and answer questions on the answer sheet provided by the trivia master. Three Mile employee, Claire, recommends showing up early to guarantee a spot, since they usually fill up fast. 

“Trivia nights are when we’re the busiest,” Claire said. “It can sometimes be impossible to find a spot.”

Claire explained that trivia categories vary. Questions can range from general knowledge to solving anagrams to artists’ names. Prizes for first place are a $15 gift card and any trivia participant is qualified to enter in a raffle at the end of the game with no purchase required. 


Sophia’s Thai Bar and Kitchen

Sophia’s Thai Bar and Kitchen hosts their trivia every Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m. The popular Thai restaurant has been unofficially named best trivia in Davis by multiple locals and UC Davis students. Owner Kevin Won proudly agrees with the title. 

“We were the first bar in Davis to do trivia night,” Won said. “Sophia’s has been a downtown Davis staple since 2001 and began their trivia in 2005.”

Won said that he writes all 30 weekly trivia questions himself.

“It’s a weekly process,” Won said. “If I’m watching something on TV or having a conversation with someone I’ll hear something and think ‘Oh that’s a good trivia question!’ and I’ll write it on my notes app.” 

Won said that he tries to make trivia questions student-centered and tend not to be too hard — but he urged people to make teams with a variety of knowledge.

“Invite your friend who’s really good at geography, one friend who’s good at movies and one who’s good at history,” Won said. “The fewer members in your group, the less likely you are to win.”

Although having a diverse team increases your chances of winning, all groups must have a maximum of six participants. Additionally, all trivia goers must be 21 years of age and order a minimum of one drink to participate. Any member of your team who is seen with a phone or laptop during trivia has immediately disqualified the entire team. 

The team that scores first place wins $20 for each member of the team; Second and third place each earn $10 per person. Won said that non-winners can also earn prizes, like a bottle of wine or pack of beer for answering a bonus question, receiving a median score or even receiving the third lowest score. 

“We want to give everyone the opportunity to walk away happy,” Won said. 


Written by: Monica Roberts — features@theaggie.org