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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

An Ed Board-approved Davis bucket list

Activities students can try while attending UC Davis


There’s no doubt that Davis has plenty of incredible activities and places to explore. At times, yes, this small cow town may seem drab, but after spending a few years here, members of the Editorial Board have come to realize how much it has to offer.

As third and fourth-year students, we know a thing or two about the best activities in Davis, so we’ve decided to pass on some of our wisdom. Lucky you! Whether you have six weeks or six years until you graduate from UC Davis, here’s a compilation (a Davis bucket list, if you will) of activities and traditions that all students must try:


The Tercero cows: First off, we recommend petting the Tercero cows. Likely one of the most well-known spots on campus, the Dairy is a perfect place to bring friends and take selfies. With their gentle presence, soft faces and adorable moos, there’s a reason why some students want to make a cow the new mascot

The Eggheads: Likely as well-known as the cows are the Eggheads, five painted bronze statues scattered around campus with goofy and over-the-top expressions. We recommend taking photos imitating their classic faces, such as the studious Bookhead, whose nose is tucked into a book outside the library. 

Views from Hutchison: For reasons beyond the Editorial Board’s current scientific understanding, Davis has some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets we have ever seen. Atop what most people call “Hutch” (its official name is West Entry Parking Structure), students can watch glorious pinks, purples, oranges and yellows dance across the sky. 

Farmers market: A well-known activity for Davis residents on Saturday mornings and Wednesdays in the early evening is the farmers market. A perfect place to buy local produce, catch up with friends and host a picnic, it is a quintessential Davis activity and one that all students must try before graduating. The Editorial Board highly recommends the apple juice, Dumpling House and challah. 

Putah Creek: For those who love nature, exploring Putah Creek is an excellent way to spend time outside, get some fresh air and exercise. In the sweltering months of late spring, summer and early fall, taking a dip or tubing in the cool green water is great for cooling off. Just watch out for sharp branches downriver and don’t tie your car keys to an innertube (a member of the Editorial Board can personally recommend taking these precautions). 

The Arboretum: The Arb is another Davis staple, and is especially enjoyable in the spring and fall. With flowers blooming in the spring and leaves changing colors in the fall, taking a stroll or settling down on a picnic blanket to eat some cheese, bread and fruit is a necessary part of obtaining the ultimate Davis experience. 

Quad hammocks: If you see an open hammock on the Quad, sprint there as fast as you can. Don’t look back to see how many other people are also running there. If you do not take the opportunity, you may never get it again — but if you succeed, you can bask in the sun and appreciate one of the most luxurious experiences UC Davis has to offer.

Shopping at small businesses: Davis is beloved for its charming local business, including Treehouse Vintage, Armadillo Music, The Avid Reader, Logos Books, All Things Right & Relevant and more. Whether you are shopping for holiday gifts or just looking to treat yourself, there are a variety of amazing businesses to browse through. 

Dining at local restaurants: In addition to local shops, Davis’ delicious restaurants are also something to celebrate. While it is impossible to include all of our favorites, some of the Editorial Board’s notable picks include Sweet and Shavery, Mishka’s Café, Guads, Good Friends, Thai Canteen, Burma Eat and Ali Baba. If you’re looking for a quick treat on campus, we highly recommend the coconut curry pho served at the CoHo. 

The Trinity: For anyone who wants to explore the 21+ activities that Downtown Davis has to offer, members of the Editorial Board (who are all of drinking age) highly recommend Davis’ local bars and breweries. If you’re looking for the quintessential Davis bar experience, you can try the Trinity, which is three drinks at three bars in one night. To complete the Trinity, you start with the Wicky Wacky Woo at Cafe Bernardo’s Wiki Bar, then drink the Thaibreaker at Sophia’s (we think) and finish with the FML at Red 88 Noodle Bar. Alleged to be some of the strongest drinks in Downtown Davis, the Editorial Board highly recommends drinking plenty of water and taking your time to complete the infamous feat. For non-drinkers, try the Davis Dessert Trinity.

Trivia nights: We highly recommend checking out a weekly trivia night. With Sophia’s Thai Kitchen on Tuesdays, University of Beer on Wednesdays and Woodstock’s Pizza on Thursdays in Downtown Davis; no matter someone’s midterm schedule, it’s likely there’s a trivia night you can make it to. While most of these nights are hosted at bars for 21+ individuals, anyone under 21 can attend Woodstocks’s Thursday trivia nights. 


While it’s impossible to include everything that makes this school and town special, the Editorial Board hopes this brief compilation of popular Davis activities helps everyone get the most out of this town and their college experience. 


Written by: The Editorial Board