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Consider working for ASUCD

Staffing shortage problems limit the ability of ASUCD units to provide essential services



The Associated Students of UC Davis, or ASUCD, is the on-campus association that, with a $17 million budget, seeks to serve the student population through student government, various units, committees and commissions. Most of these are entirely student-run (including us at The California Aggie).

The units cover a wide span of student needs and interests, including food services, entertainment, bike repairs, transportation and much more. These units are designed with Davis students in mind, so affordability, convenience and flexibility are at the forefront of their operations. For example, The Pantry seeks to address food insecurity on campus by “providing non-perishable, high-protein foods to students free of charge,” according to ASUCD’s website. Likewise, Unitrans provides transportation for undergraduate students free of charge, with routes that cover a vast majority of campus and downtown.

In addition to providing useful services to the campus community, ASUCD also employs hundreds of students across its 16 individual units, and even more are involved in its seven commissions and 12 committees. Several benefits come with working for an organization largely run by students. Job hours are known to be flexible, as student managers know how chaotic college life can be, so class schedules and extracurriculars are taken into consideration when schedules are created.

The job locations are also convenient, with most being located directly on campus — or, in the case of The California Aggie, just off campus on A Street. There truly is a place for everyone on campus who wants to get involved, however that may look to them. 

The association also encompasses the official student government of UC Davis. Composed of three branches (Executive, Legislative and Judicial), the leadership system is a fantastic way for students seeking careers in politics, law-making or related fields to get hands-on experience in a personal way. Even for students not particularly interested in these career fields, joining any of the committees or commissions provides an opportunity to advocate for issues that are pertinent to Davis students from various walks of life.

Moreover, units such as Entertainment Council, KDVS, Picnic Day and Whole Earth Festival are a crucial part in the organization of much-loved on-campus events. Entertainment Council, for example, is coordinating SunsetFest on Oct. 28; the outdoor concert will feature Remi Wolf as the headliner, and is completely free to all. They have also put on similar events in the past, such as Lawntopia, and provide an opportunity for students who want to be involved in creative affairs to explore their passions. 

However, ASUCD can only grant these services for us if we are willing to support them in return. Virtually all units are experiencing staffing shortages that have been an ongoing issue since the start of the pandemic

The Coffee House, affectionately known on campus as the “CoHo,” was forced to temporarily halt operations on Fridays for much of the 2021-22 school year. Many of the food stations in the CoHo, like TexMex, are not currently available due to a lack of employees. More recently, the CoHo’s secondary location in the Sciences Lab Building, “BioBrew,” was permanently closed. Unitrans has also announced reduced service levels for the 2022-23 school year.

If you’re looking for a job, consider applying to work for one of the many ASUCD units we have here on campus; it may benefit you as much as it would your fellow students.

Written by: The Editorial Board