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UC Davis students reflect on what ASUCD has to offer

According to three UC Davis students, ASUCD offers a way to make friends and professional connections on campus

ASUCD is an all-encompassing student-run organization with a multitude of opportunities for students of all backgrounds and experience levels looking for ways to get involved in their campus community.

Composed of many different units, commissions, committees and offices to choose from, ASUCD tries to cater to the professional interests of everyone. 

The following three students have shared their immersive experiences with ASUCD to give incoming Aggies an idea of what ASUCD is and how it serves the community.

Michelle Andrews, a third-year environmental science and management major, was first introduced to ASUCD through her passion for student advocacy as an Internal Affairs Commissioner. 

“Knowing that I had an interest in law and wanting to gain more experience with legislation, I applied thinking I was not qualified at all, yet ended up getting a spot on the Internal Affairs Commission (IAC),” Andrews said. 

Andrews’ beginnings with the IAC eventually opened the door to her current position as Political Director for the Office of the External Affairs Vice President (EAVP), where she has become a primary representative of the campus’s legislative interests. 

“There are amazing opportunities for growth and advancement available within ASUCD once you take your first leap of faith, so if you’re thinking about applying for any position in ASUCD, do it,” Andrews said.

Amanda Portier, a fourth-year community and regional development major, shared that her experience working for ASUCD Picnic Day was pivotal to her personal and professional development.

“The opportunity to plan such a large and impactful event like Picnic Day has allowed me to develop professional development skills while finding a community at Davis with the Picnic Day board,” Portier said. 

For the 2021-2022 school year, students can anticipate an in-person Picnic Day in compliance with university guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety procedures. 

“While we are still in the early days of planning, there will be an extensive event safety plan to ensure that all event participants and guests will have the safest experience possible,” Portier said.

Julianna Christofi, a third-year psychology and sociology double major, has been on the Entertainment Council (EC) since her sophomore year and is now the productions director for the EC.

In this position, Christofi organizes music gear rentals and oversees EC events funded by ASUCD. The EC is known for holding movie screenings, public speaking events, local limelights and more.

    “It’s a super great way to meet new people and get experience managing artists, setting up events and creating promotions to get people to attend,” Christofi said.

Written by: Nicholas Murphy — campus@theaggie.org


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