Senior Issue 2023

Time makes you bolder

Sophie Dewees, Editor-in-Chief

The friendships that I’ve developed and the friendly, open-minded community at The Aggie have given me so much. I’ve been able to grow and learn how to be bold through my work and those I’ve worked with at The Aggie.

A long-winded love letter to stories

Katie DeBenedetti, Managing Editor

Over the past four years, I’ve fallen in love with The Aggie — its publication, its people, and, yes, its free parking spot (thank you A Street office).

So much meaning packed inside a cookie

Marlon Rolon, Sports Editor

While it makes me sad to know that I’m nearing the end of my journey here at UC Davis, I also feel accomplished because I poured my heart and soul into every article. I can honestly look back and say I left it all on the field, I have no regrets during my time here.

Celebrating the gift of the present

Brandon Nguyen, Science Editor

But aside from the cool skills I can now take with me for a lifetime, this school year has been especially special, being able to meet and be a part of the “Big Dawgs” of The Aggie. While I may have been the quiet one, I really do appreciate all of you for helping me stay in the present and to step back for a little bit from whatever was going on in my life.

The big squeeze

Owen Ruderman, Opinion Editor

I guess what I’m trying to say is squeeze every last drop of opportunity out of your time here in Davis. Take those chances, apply for those positions, state your opinion loud and clear and trust your gut.

Who gives a f*** about an Oxford Comma?

Anne Thiselton-Dyer, Copy Chief

From “Thursday Thoughts” to tabling to Woodstocks Trivia, along with other things that don’t start with a T, The Aggie has come to define my time at UC Davis, and I am so incredibly grateful to have been a part of it.

Finding joy through gratitude

Sabine Lloyd, Copy Chief

No matter how hard I try to check all the boxes of whatever ideal image I hold of myself in whatever roles I take on, there will always be things to work on. I’ve learned that trying my best, in all domains, is all I can do to feel content. I strive to improve, learn and grow, and being a Davis student has taught me to give myself credit for what I have achieved and not overanalyze what I  haven’t. 

A Farewell to The Aggie but not to photography

Kayla Bruckman, Photo Editor

My time at the Aggie has consisted of 98% picture taking and about 2% caption writing. In other words, this is my small writing debut for The California Aggie!

Finding my purpose in eight months

Lilly Ackerman, Staff Writer

I don’t exactly know what the future holds for me, but I am content with that fact. I know that I am leaving UC Davis as a self-assured, confident woman, in large part thanks to putting myself out there at The Aggie.

The gift of storytelling and the power of words

Daniela Dula Mejia, Staff Writer

In many ways, journalism is a form of truth seeking. We have a moral obligation to report facts, but also to tell a story.

The path meant for you is not without its challenges

Jade Bell, Staff Writer

I’m grateful that my path took some unconventional turns because it helped me to appreciate the entirety of my college experience and learn some life lessons along the way.