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Davis, California

Friday, May 24, 2024

Finding joy through gratitude

Embracing each moment as it is and trusting the path ahead


Dear Davis, 

Thank you for allowing me to find the flaws and be okay with them. Thank you for giving me room to learn, forgive and trust. Thank you for showing me that no matter where you are or who you are surrounded by, you have yourself to lean on. Coming into  UC Davis, I was uncertain about the path I’d take and overwhelmed with the course ahead of me. Now, graduating, I still feel uncertain but at peace with the ambiguity.  

I’ve learned that it’s all about the moments in between. Sometimes, it’s important to just remember how lovely it was to be able to bike to class (speaking from the perspective of someone who’s had a bad concussion), get a vanilla latte from the campus Peet’s or chat with someone at an Aggie meeting ;).  

Being an Aggie has shown me that every day is an opportunity to feel joy. As a  college student, or a student in general, it feels almost unavoidable to experience stress. During the times when schoolwork felt never-ending, the winter quarter blues kicked in or things just felt heavy, I was faced with the decision that I think represents one we all make on a daily basis. “Will I wait for tomorrow to start working toward my  goals or get up today and make the smallest step forward?” 

Remembering the privilege of receiving an education, the privilege of being able to move my body and the privilege of being able to work toward future goals has always helped me persist. Even during the most difficult moments, when my wall was plastered in chemistry sticky notes, or I struggled to analyze middle English or I felt flooded by anxiety, I tried to remember that the difficult moments make the beautiful moments hold such great meaning. 

I’ve learned that perfection will never exist. No matter how hard I try to check all the boxes of whatever ideal image I hold of myself in whatever roles I take on, there will always be things to work on. I’ve learned that trying my best, in all domains, is all I can do to feel content. I strive to improve, learn and grow, and being a Davis student has taught me to give myself credit for what I have achieved and not overanalyze what I  haven’t.  

Being a UC Davis student has not only offered me the chance to self-reflect and do internal work but also to branch out and make new connections. Specifically, being a part of The California Aggie has provided me with the opportunity to meet so many interesting individuals who share a similar passion of spreading awareness to the Davis community and building a sense of togetherness. Through Thursday tabling, quarterly distribution around campus and countless “Thursday Thoughts,” I have been able to connect with some of the most kind, hard-working individuals I’ve met at UC Davis. And through helping lead a team of copyreaders, I have learned valuable leadership skills that I know will help me in the future.

I want to give a special thank you to Anne for fixing Oxford commas and em dashes with me! Also, I would like to thank the wonderful copy editors on the copy desk! We couldn’t do it without you! Finally, I want to thank the amazing Editor-in-Chief  Sophie and Managing Editor Katie for keeping The California Aggie afloat and fostering such a strong sense of community!  

Farewell Davis! 🙂 I feel grateful to have learned here! 






Sabine Lloyd is a copy chief for The California Aggie. She joined The Aggie in 2020 as a copy reader. She became the associate copy chief in 2021 and finally became a copy chief in 2021. She is graduating with highest honors with a bachelor’s degree in English and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.