Senior Issue 2022

Senior Stories

Congratulations class of 2022! You did it.

As you graduate from UC Davis, it is a time to celebrate your accomplishments, especially in light of having spent more than two formative years existing in a pandemic. We know it’s overstated, and everyone is tired of hearing about how unprecedented, draining and overwhelming things have been. But that remains true, as does the fact that it is a feat to be here, obtaining a degree from this institution. With all the losses and hardships experienced over these past two years, it’s important to invest time and energy to commemorate your growth and achievement, while still taking the space to cope as well. As you approach the completion of your undergraduate studies, now may be a good time to look back on your time at UC Davis, be present for the many lasts you have and feel excited for the future, wherever you are headed next. But whether it’s another trip to the Tercero cows or giving Bookhead a tap on your way to a midnight study session at Shields, there is plenty of time to partake in a few more Davis traditions before graduation.

This special issue of The Aggie is a chance for our graduating seniors to reflect on their time at UC Davis. To our readers who are graduating: Thank you for engaging with our content all these years, and we wish you the best for your future endeavors. To those of you who aren’t: We’ll be back in the fall. See you then!



Where’d all the time go?

By Anjini Venugopal, Editor-in-Chief

This column is sponsored by Mishka’s, “Surfing with the Alien” and the urge to say “thank you” rather than “goodbye”

An ode to snails, snakes and storytelling

Margo Rosenbaum, Managing Editor

A farewell to four years of nerding out at The Aggie

From science to city, thank you, The Aggie, for everything

By Madeleine Payne, City News Editor

“Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.” — Garrison Keillor

My words are who I am

By Allie Bailey, Arts & Culture Editor

On searching for myself and finding I was there all along (with a little help from my friends)

How different it all could’ve been

By Omar Navarro, Sports Editor

A farewell to the place that allowed me to find myself

A journalist’s love letter to writing

By Michelle Wong, Science Editor

How The California Aggie allowed me to pursue my passions

My favorite college moments

By Benjamin Cheng, Photo Director

“Your best camera is the one on you”

Taking the scenic route

By Kathleen Quinn, New Media Manager

Thirteen years later than expected, but right on time

Discovering myself

By Joelle Tahta, Layout Director

In the wise words of Kacey Musgraves, “Everything is alright now, ‘cause the sky has finally opened”

My Aggie design journey

By Katherine Franks, Design Director


From childhood bookworm to UC Davis English alumna

By Jelena Lapuz, Outreach Director

Straying from tradition and paving a new path for myself


By Sierra Jimenez, Staff Writer

It’s all the experiences — the good, the bad and the ugly — that make it all worth it

An endless bounty of opportunities

By Maya Shydlowski-Besmer, Staff Writer

The Aggie showed me how expansive Davis really is

The uncanny pursuit of a degree and the surprises I encountered along the way

By Kristin Trent, Staff Writer

Creating four years of college memories in two during the pandemic era