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Protesters blockade Unitrans


June 10, 9:40 a.m., 2024

In the early morning of June 10, pro-Palestine protesters set up blockades on both ends of the Silo Terminal for the Unitrans bus system, preventing buses from entering and buses already within from exiting. The buses within did not appear to be operating at the time the blockade was set up.

UC Davis vehicle turns around after encountering Silo blockade on June 10, 2024. (Sonora Slater / Aggie)

According to an ASUCD Unitrans Instagram post, the Memorial Union Bus Terminal was also temporarily closed due to protest activity, but reopened around 9:20 a.m. A news brief on the Unitrans website said that the blockade at the MU was “removed,” but no further details have been shared yet.

In the comments of their Instagram post, Unitrans noted that they are working to set up service across from the West End Parking Garage on Hutchinson Drive. In the meantime, they let students know to “Expect major delays to all Unitrans bus routes [and] consider alternatives to campus.”

They also let students know that anyone currently waiting at the Silo Terminal should proceed to Lot 41 to catch a bus once service is restored.

Today marks the second day of spring quarter finals for UC Davis undergraduate students.

The blockade was continuing to grow as of the time of publication, being built from trash cans and recycling bins, the A Frame signs of various clubs, bikes, wood slabs, an umbrella taken from the nearby Peets Coffee, traffic cones and more. Several protesters, including at least one with a megaphone, stood behind the blockade and chanted pro-Palestine phrases.

Multiple UC Davis vehicles approached the terminal before presumably noticing the blockade and turning around. Bikers and walkers are still able to access classrooms and navigate around the blockade as of now.


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