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Monday, April 15, 2024

Culture Corner

The Art Desk’s weekly picks for movies, TV, music and more 


By KATIE DEBENEDETTI — arts@theaggie.org


Music: “Begging For Rain” by Maggie Rogers (2022)

It’s spooky season! Anyone who knows me knows fall is my favorite time of the year, and as soon as October 1 hits — no matter if it’s 90 degrees in Davis — it’s time to get in the spirit. Maggie Rogers’ music has gotten me through quite a few rainy falls, and though her new album, “Surrender,” has some more rock-y, upbeat tracks than her previous releases, she’s still sprinkled in some slower, acoustic songs like “Begging For Rain” (honorable mentions: “Horses” and “Anywhere with You”) that pair perfectly with staring out a window on a dreary day. 


Book: “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides (2019)

In honor of Halloween month, I thought it was only right to recommend a thriller, and “The Silent Patient” is probably the best I’ve read. The story is set in a mental hospital, where narrator Theo Faber, a psychotherapist, has recently begun working in hopes of getting to hear the story of Alicia Berenson, a high-profile patient accused of murdering her husband. The only problem: Berenson is mute. Throughout the novel, Michaelides skillfully weaves Faber’s narration with Berenson’s journal entries and gives away just enough to keep readers on their toes at every turn. Plus, the final twist is guaranteed to shock you. As a thriller superfan (I’ve read at least 10 this year), I’ll say even I didn’t see it coming. 


TV Show: “Scream Queens” (2015)

Okay, this might be a somewhat controversial choice, but as a “Glee” fan (exposing myself here), I have an affinity for pretty much all of Ryan Murphy’s shows. Rewatching “Scream Queens” has become a tradition in my household, with all of my roommates pilling onto the couch to crack up at the poignant satire and not so poignant fake blood. With a star-studded cast featuring Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis, Keke Palmer, Emma Roberts and so many more, the show feels nostalgic on the first watch — and the fifth. 


Movie:Hocus Pocus 2” dir. by Anne Fletcher (2022)

Truthfully, the entire Halloween theme of this week’s culture corner was to justify including easily the biggest movie release of the past month (no, it’s not “Don’t Worry Darling,” but you can read about that here). “Hocus Pocus 2” premiered on Disney Plus on Sept. 30th, and it did not disappoint. Almost 30 years after Max, Dani and Allison put an end to the Sanderson sisters’ immortality ploy, the trio of witches escapes once again and a new trio of highschoolers are tasked with stopping their evil magic. The film is fun, nostalgic and even features some musical numbers, making it a perfect October watch.


Written by: Katie DeBenedetti — arts@theaggie.org