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ASUCD’s Entertainment Council Sunset Fest brings together UC Davis community

Directors, volunteers and performers share what makes the cost-free concert so memorable 

By ANA BACH and RUMA POUDELL — arts@theaggie.org


Last week, ASUCD’s Entertainment Council hosted Sunset Fest, an immersive concert for students that featured Remi Wolf, student performances and fun activities.

The event is one of many actions taken by ASUCD in an attempt to nurture the student community and promote a diversity of arts and culture on campus. The main goal is for students to have an outlet to create new connections and instill relationships within the school’s community. 

Remi Wolf was the featured artist for this event. Her music borders indie pop and a modernized alternative R&B sound. 

When she performed her most well-known song, “Photo ID,” the crowd responded enthusiastically. For one song, she switched with her drummer to play the percussion while they covered vocals. She absolutely nailed the drum set, while the drummer performed an anthem of affirmations centered around Dua Lipa. It was amazing to see how her versatility shines in every song of her set.

Beyond the music, Wolf and her band ensured that the crowd on the Quad was in good spirits. In honor of Halloween, her band came dressed in costumes and encouraged the crowd to dress up as well. This energy was a huge factor in the overall experience of the concert and what really made everyone have as much fun as they did. 

Performers, directors and volunteers of the event shared remarks with us about Sunset Fest and how it has positively impacted both community health and individual development. 

Alyssa Landis, third-year cognitive science major, and Cassidy Farm, third-year animal science major, who are both a part of the Polynesian Dance Group on campus, spoke about why they wanted to be involved in the student production. 

“Getting to share our culture, or the culture of our clubs, like Polynesian dance, is just really exciting,” Farms said. “As soon as I am on stage, I feel inspired to perform.” 

Alyssa Labdis continues on about the community ideals within the club that work towards creating a nurturing environment and has provided them with a support system in multiple areas of their lives. 

“It’s kind of like having a piece of home, even just besides dance — I just love it so much,” Labdis said.

Nyla Hinston, second-year communication major and the director of Entertainment Council, spoke about the benefits the event brings the UC Davis community.

“It’s welcoming, especially for freshmen— to get them engaged, actually want to be on campus, and make friends and connections,” Hinston said.

“We’re all broke college students,” said Chloe Peterson, second-year undecided agricultural sciences major and new volunteer for Entertainment Council. “Sunset Fest gives us a way to have fun and relieve stress for little to no cost. Not a lot of college students can say they have this.”

For those interested in gaining hands-on experience in the field of entertainment, Sunset Fest and Entertainment Council could be a first step on that journey according to Hinston. 

“You could come here and enjoy the show, then actually want to be a part of it like I did,” Hinston said. 

“It’s cool,” Peterson said. “I was able to learn how to manage a live stage and get hands-on experience.”

Entertainment Council, as well as the other ASUCD units, provide students with learning opportunities for different career fields in addition to networking opportunities with others who are working on the production. 

This year, Sunset Fest cemented its ongoing legacy as an annual concert which brings together the UC Davis community amidst the academic challenge of midterms, giving students a way to relieve stress in a healthy manner and make lasting memories, all while providing a space for creatives to share their practice.


Written by: Ana Bach and Ruma Poudell — arts@theaggie.org