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Crocheting can allow you to expand your closet in a sustainable way

The historically-lucrative activity has experienced a resurgence in popularity 


By ANA BACH — arts@theaggie.org


Crocheting has risen in popularity over recent years, with Pinterest boards and TikTok tutorials alike highlighting the wonderful products crocheters produce. I myself have attempted to pick up the activity and, with a couple of YouTube tutorials as well as assistance from friends, I can confidently say that it is a great way to create items that match your own personal style. 

Similar to thrifting, crocheting has given a younger demographic the opportunity to express their styles, and can also be an outlet for old trends to resurface. Leg warmers are just one example of an outdated trend that has been modernized through a different medium, thereby catering to the younger generation. 

On the surface level, crocheting is a perfect activity that balances productivity with leisure — all for the reward of a new item in one’s wardrobe. If we take a deeper look, we can see the mechanics of what exactly makes the hobby sustainable. 

An article written by Team Wearing goes into great detail about crocheting from an influencer’s perspective. The wool and yarn that crocheters use are generally considered sustainable, as the animal is not harmed when extracting the necessary wool. Furthermore, wool and yarn biodegrade faster than polyester and nylon. Yarn can also be made up of old or recycled materials. 

In addition to the breakdown of materials, the article sheds light on how crocheting has benefited people in times of crisis. During the Irish Potato Famine, the Ursuline sisters established crocheting centers all over Ireland to provide jobs for citizens out of work. The textiles made in these factories were then sold to wealthy English aristocrats, helping many families stay afloat with the profits they generated. 

Now, crocheting remains a cost-efficient activity, since it requires minimal additional materials. There are also countless tutorials on YouTube to get you started free of charge. Instead of pouring tons of time and money into finding a perfect piece of clothing, you now have the tools necessary to envision and bring it to life yourself.

The craft welcomes creativity and creates a community around building something uniquely your own. Plus, the internet offers a ton of ideas, tips and tricks for strengthening your skills, while also giving other people the opportunity to try something that is right at their fingertips. 

Through crocheting, we have the ability to consider the impact of the materials used in the production of clothing, and also to develop an appreciation for the creativity, labor and time that goes into the design of something that often goes overlooked in our everyday lives. 


Written by: Ana Bach — arts@theaggie.org