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Davis Fire Department to continue training at former Hibbert Lumber site

Davis Fire Department asks nearby residents to be aware of ongoing training 


By ANTHONY W. ZAMMIKIEL  — city@theaggie.org


On Feb. 14, the Davis Fire Department (DFD) began conducting training exercises at the former Hibbert Lumber site located at 500 G St. in downtown Davis. The training exercises will continue until Mar. 17.

“The Davis Fire Department will be training at the old Hibbert Lumber site and simulating various fire situations to improve service delivery and effectiveness,” according to an announcement released by the city. “As a result, you may see fire trucks, firefighters, fire hoses or theatrical smoke around this area. Please know that this is only training and that the property owners have given the Fire Department approval to use this site for non-destructive exercises.”

The DFD asks that nearby residents refrain from contacting the Fire Department dispatch if they notice the presence of DFD vehicles or if smoke is seen coming out from the location. 

Tim Jackson, a nearby resident, said that he appreciates how the DFD is dedicating time and resources towards these training activities.

“It makes me feel much more safe and much better about how the fire department is really listening to the community and doing everything they can to always improve themselves,” Jackson said. “I really appreciate everything they do for the community, and I really commend them for always wanting to go out and make sure that people can get the best service possible.”

Debra Johnson, another Davis resident, said that she appreciates how involved the DFD is in the Davis community, and that she appreciates how responsive the DFD is in emergency situations. 

“I know that they are going out and making sure that they can do all these good things for the city in the future,” Johnson said “I’m hoping that the fire department gets all the funding from the city that they need to make sure they can keep doing as good a job as they’ve been doing.” 

Hibbert Lumber formerly occupied the building located at 500 G St., on the corner of G St. and Fifth St. The historic location was opened by Jack and Carol Hibbert in 1947 at I St. and Third St., before moving to the location on G St. and Fifth St. Hibbert Lumber closed during the summer of 2019, but the Hibbert family still operates the Door Shop, which is located at 517 Rowe Plaza.

In a statement, Mayor Will Arnold expressed his appreciation for the DFD, as well as for the Davis community for respecting the training activities being done despite possible inconveniences. 

“We appreciate the preparedness of the Davis Fire Department as they train for various fire situations at the old Hibbert Lumber site this month,” Mayor Arnold commented. “Thank you to the public for its understanding as these exercises take place downtown, and we value and respect our Davis firefighters’ service to the community.” 

The DFD is headquartered at 530 Fifth St., and members of the public are encouraged to contact the department with any questions or concerns. The DFD can be contacted through the non-emergency dispatch number at (530) 747-5400, and emergency calls should be directed to the emergency number at (530) 756-3400 or 911. 

Further information about the DFD can be found online on the Davis city website. The department is also active online on various social media applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where members of the Davis public can find DFD updates.

Written By: Anthony W. Zammikiel  — city@theaggie.org