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Meet the animals at the Yolo County Animal Shelter

Adopting a pet can reduce stress, increase socialization and provide a sense of companionship during students’ busy academic schedules


By FAITH DEMEULENAERE — features@theaggie.org


With spring in full swing and newborn kittens on the way, the Yolo County Animal Shelter is in need of support from the community now more than ever. According to Tricia Hilliard, the adoption specialist at the shelter, the dog population is over capacity, and the shelter is working tirelessly to provide care for every animal in need, but they can’t do it alone.

Plenty of love and happiness can be found at the Yolo County Animal Shelter. With a wide variety of dogs available for adoption — from friendly Pomeranians to loyal Pitbulls — including 36 new puppies, there’s never been a better time to consider adopting or fostering a furry friend, according to Hilliard. 

“As far as adopting, young adults should really try to consider that a lot of the dogs we currently have require a lot of activity and attention,” Stephanie Amato, the director of Animal Services, said. “The biggest piece is making sure your housing requirements are fit for the animal you are choosing, and a lot of students pick cats for that reason.” 

But the shelter needs more than just adoptive families. They are also in need of new volunteers to help with the care of their animals. Volunteers play an essential role in providing care and attention to the animals, and they help the shelter maintain its high standards of care, according to Amato.

“Students who volunteer usually find the animal they fall in love with,” Hilliard said. 

By volunteering their time, community members can get to know the animals and their individual personalities, Amato said, and they’ll also get a chance to see the great work the shelter does to help animals in need and meet other animal lovers in the community.

For those who are not ready for the commitment of adoption, Yolo County Animal Shelter offers fostering opportunities as well. Volunteers provide a temporary home for an animal in need and can see if they are a good fit for their family and lifestyle. It’s also an excellent way to help socialize and train the animal, making it more likely to find a permanent home in the future, according to Amato.

Meet Jessica, a 5-year-old friendly tabby cat, who’s currently available for adoption at the Yolo County Animal Shelter. This beautiful and affectionate cat is sure to capture your heart with her gentle personality and charming demeanor.

Say hello to Todd, a handsome 2-year-old German Shepherd who’s ready to find his forever home. Despite his size and strength, Todd is gentle and affectionate with people.

Introducing Hello Dolly and Mufasa, two best friends who are both all-black rabbits. These adorable bunnies have been together since they were young and are looking for a forever home where they can stay together.

And this is Zekee, a 2-year-old Siberian Husky with boundless energy and a wagging tail. This handsome pup is eagerly looking for a loving family to call his own.

Adopting or fostering a furry friend is an excellent way to help the shelter and provide a temporary or permanent home for an animal in need, Hilliard said. Additionally, according to Amato, volunteering is a crucial role in providing care and attention to the animals and helping the shelter maintain its high standards of care.

“Even fostering kittens or cats helps the shelter,” Amato said, “and everyone wants that need for an animal companion to be fulfilled.”


Written By: Faith DeMeulenaere — features@theaggie.org