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Entertainment Council debriefs Lawntopia at May 4 Senate meeting

The table also heard a quarterly report from the Student Sustainability Career Fair Committee


By JADE BELL — campus@theaggie.org


At 6:11 p.m, Vice President JT Eden called the May 4 Senate meeting to order. The meeting was conducted entirely via Zoom due to safety concerns at the time about the recent string of stabbings in Davis. Eden began by calling roll and reading the UC Davis Land Acknowledgement.

The meeting started with the confirmation of second-year political science major Albena Goulishera to the Judicial Council. Goulishera said that she is passionate about addressing social justice, equity and women’s rights issues.

“I applied to the Judicial Council because I felt that the position most directly aligned with my personal interests, my academic goals and my career goals,” Goulishera said. “I’ve always been very passionate about social justice, equality and equity, [which] led me to the political science major, where I learned and am still learning so much about the U.S. government and international relations. This position is such an amazing way to put those skills and procedures to good use in serving the Davis student body.”

After her confirmation, the Aggie Mentors Committee and Aggie Arts Committee member confirmations took place.

Amy Aguirre, a fifth-year music major and one of the Aggie Arts Committee nominees, shared what she hopes to bring to the role.

“[I want to] amplify those voices of not just only the music majors we have on campus but everybody on campus who is interested in music,” Aguirre said. “We have a lot of musicians, and I know how difficult it is to even minor in music. I want to be able to provide a space for them and also create diversity because I am a first-generation student, so I know how hard it is to navigate college. Music is a very powerful way to connect with others.”

After confirmations, the meeting moved to hearing quarterly reports. Julianna Christofi, a fourth-year psychology and sociology double major and the chairperson of the ASUCD Entertainment Council (EC), provided the council’s quarterly report.

“This is the biggest headliner we’ve ever had, in terms of budget and somebody that we paid for,” Christofi said. “Previously, we’ve had promoter shows like Khalid or Chance the Rapper and Drake, but those are all paid for by promoters like Golden Voice. This one was actually paid for by student funds. We’ve had over 16,000 interactions with our post.”

In terms of improvements, Christofi said that EC is hoping to receive an increased budget from ASUCD in the coming year in order to enhance security and improve the student check-in system. 

Next, the Student Sustainability Career Fair Committee (SSCF) provided its quarterly report. Jordyn Kosai, a fourth-year sustainable environmental design major and the SSCF vice chairperson, said that this year’s career fair saw improvement from last year’s 2022 Sustainability Career Fair, with an increase from 90 students to 130 students in attendance.

After the quarterly reports, Eden called for elected officer and ex-officio reports to be completed and submitted.

The status of previous legislation was discussed next. Senate Bill (SB) #101 was an emergency bill passed with signature. This bill proposed redistributing $3,000 from Whole Earth Festival’s (WEF) Equipment Rentals budget to Equipment Purchases in order to buy enough solar generators to maintain WEF’s goal of being a “completely off-grid event.”

The table then moved into the consideration of old legislation.

SB #97, which would allocate $1,800 to the ASUCD Student Government for purchasing food for weekly Senate meetings and the 2023-2024 budget hearings, failed with a 3-4-5 vote.

SB #98, which increases the voting period for ASUCD general elections to at least five days, passed with a 9-2-1 vote. 

Eden adjourned the meeting at 8:35 pm.

Written by: Jade Bell — campus@theaggie.org