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What your favorite ‘70s band says about you

Disclaimer: If you listen to any of these bands, you have great taste


By YASMEEN O’BRIEN — yjobrien@ucdavis.edu


Fleetwood Mac

You have a flair for the dramatic, great hair and lots of rings. When you were a kid you dressed up as a witch for Halloween. You shop exclusively at Trader Joe’s. If it weren’t for your commitment issues you’d totally get a tattoo.


Simon & Garfunkel

You’re pretty chill. You’re a quiet intellectual who can seriously groove. You probably have a crush on your best friend. Also, you should apply to write for The Aggie next year.


The Beatles

Oh you like the Beatles? Name every beetle. Your taste is basic but solid. You most likely have a lot of hobbies and probably don’t listen to old music much. You own a record player but never use it. Your parents are your best friends. <3


The Rolling Stones

You don’t stand out in a crowd but you have the best one-liners. You’re down-to-earth and actually listen to KDVS. You can’t get no satisfaction.



You love a good dance party and sequins. You most likely learned about ABBA through “Mamma Mia.” You have a great sunglasses collection and a beach cruiser. You’re probably in a sorority. 



You make a great first impression. There’s also a pretty good chance you haven’t had your first kiss yet. You buy band T-shirts from Amazon. You’re a social butterfly and could recite “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” word for word.


Led Zeppelin

You’re pretty cool but a little pretentious. You love the open road and probably prefer to read non-fiction. You know how to make the best out of a bad situation. 


Grateful Dead

You’re definitely going to the Whole Earth Festival. You’re probably a stoner. And also vegan. And you’ve been getting really into slack-lining. You think you’re pretty cool.


Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

You cut your own bangs last week. You also smoke cigarettes to look cool. You don’t know how to be vulnerable but you’re great in bed.


Pink Floyd

You’re pretentious with a tortured soul and only hang out at Mishka’s. You have a great appreciation for technical music skills and love World War II documentaries. You’re also into rock-climbing.



No one has ever seen you without headphones. You say yes when people ask if you play guitar, but only know one song. You give everything 100% and you’re probably a good kisser. You never respond to text messages.


Written by: Yasmeen O’Brien — yjobrien@ucdavis.edu

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