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Volt Coffee, Tea and Taps set to bring a unique coffee shop and beer garden experience to Davis

The establishment is set to open at the end of Sept. on Olive Drive


By HANNAH SCHRADER  city@theaggie.org


Volt Coffee, Tea and Taps will operate as a coffee shop during the day and, on select nights, will transform into a beer garden offering craft beer and food trucks. Volt is located at 1123 Olive Drive, which is currently a Tax Solutions Group owned by Robert Salazar, but will transition to be a space also used for the new establishment at the end of Sept.

Some of the food trucks that will be offered are Chanchos Mexican food, King Tot Tater Tots, Noodle Daddy Noodles and Burning Chef Pizza. Salazar, also one of the co-owners of Volt, discussed the environment he envisions the shop having. 

“That’s something similar that I want to replicate [which] has been incredibly successful in other parts of the world where you create almost this beer garden where people can grab a drink, a coffee or a beer and then go outside to a food trailer of their choosing and then stay outside with friends with no pressure of getting out of there in a specific period of time,” Salazar said.

Salazar talked about the other owners of Volt and the strengths they bring to the management.

“The other two owners have been part of my practice,” Salazar said. “One is a partner with me and the other is an individual who works with me. The individual who works with me has a background in working in the coffee business for years and years and years. She’s a UC grad who just loves coffee, taking courses at UC Davis.”

Salazar described how the owners of Volt plan on maintaining high-quality products while also offering a diverse selection.

“We’re going to use organic as much as possible and we’re going to try to source it locally for the economy,” Salazar said. “We’re going to try and, you know, use never processed foods. It’s going to be fresh and what we have is what we serve. The menu or menus will be driven by what we can get. We want to provide a healthy choice but a good choice too.” 

While Volt is still a new business, Salazar hopes for the cafe to expand and branch out into future locations. 

“Our goal is to open more locations, to grow [and] iron out all the little things,” Salazar said. “Then eventually I’m going to look for investors and open up more. I mean, there’s no reason why this type of model shouldn’t succeed.”

Cory Koehler, the executive director of the Davis Chamber of Commerce commented via email on the upcoming opening of Volt.

“The Davis Chamber of Commerce welcomes Volt Coffee, Tea and Taps to town,” Koehler said. “We hope the owners and their staff connect with the Davis community, including its residents, student body, local elected officials and visitors. The business offers a unique menu that fits well with the Davis community. The Chamber is hoping the business takes our offer to host a ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome them to our great city.” 

Written by: Hannah Schrader  city@theaggie.org